List of Wargame Publishers

List of wargame publishers is an index of commercial companies that publish wargames.

  • A and A Game Engineering – concentrating on air and naval rules
  • – publishers of the Game of War 18th century/Napoleonic rules, Salvo WW2 naval, and Challenge & Reply WW1 naval, among others.
  • Amarillo Design Bureau Inc. (ADB) – publisher of Star Fleet Battles (SFB), along with the related strategic game Federation & Empire.
  • Australian Design Group (ADG) – Publishers of World in Flames.
  • Avalanche Press – publishers of the Great War at Sea and Panzer Grenadier series', among others.
  • Avalon Hill – the first publisher of board wargames, Avalon Hill (AH) made many classic games, such as Squad Leader, Third Reich, and PanzerBlitz, bought out by Hasbro in the late 1990s.
  • Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. – publisher of Flames of War (FoW), a World War II wargame.
  • Battleline Publications – founded in 1973 and bought by Heritage Models around 1980. They were the original publisher several Avalon Hill games, such as Wooden Ships and Iron Men, and Circus Maximus.
  • Black Skull Games – founded 2007. Publisher of Universal War.
  • Clash of Arms
  • Collins Epic Wargames – Publisher of the Frontline General series of board/mini wargames.
  • Columbia Games (originally Gamma Two Games) – the biggest producer of "block games", using wooden blocks instead of cardboard counters.
  • Computer Strategies – founded in 1990. They are the producer of the widest range of computer moderated wargames rules for tabletop miniatures.
  • Conflict Games – 1970s company founded by designer John Hill.
  • Critical Hit – Publishes tactical-level wargames, notably games in the Advanced Tobruk System as well as ASL Compatible modules and scenario packs.
  • Crocodile Games – Publishers of Wargods of Ægyptus and Wargods of Olympus.
  • Decision Games
  • Dwarfstar Games – Published a line of small SF&F games around 1980.
  • E-Mail Games – provides free wargaming and computerized referee/AI, via e-mail
  • Excelsior Entertainment Current (as of 2005) publisher/manufacturer of Chronopia and Warzone.
  • FASA – original publisher of the boardgame/miniatures game BATTLETECH. Now closed.
  • Firefly Games Publisher of science fiction tabletop fighting games including Monster Island and CyborGladiators.
  • Flashpoint Miniatures – Publishers of Flashpoint Vietnam.
  • The Gamers
  • Game Designers' Workshop – Published many popular wargames and role-playing games such as Traveller and Drang Nach Osten!, disbanded 1996.
  • Game Research/Design – produced expansions for Europa and eventually took on the series.
  • Games Research Inc – Published Diplomacy in 1961 and 1971.
  • Games Workshop – Publishers of a number of fantasy and science fiction wargames and role-playing games.
  • GMT Games – Probably the most prolific of the wargame companies in the 1990s and into 2003
  • Grenier Games
  • Guidon Games – Original publisher of Chainmail.
  • Historical Military Services – took over GRD in 2004
  • JagdPanther – Original company of Steve V. Cole and Allen Eldridge.
  • Jedko Games – 1970s Australian company of John Edwards, which initially published some Avalon Hill games such as The Russian Campaign and War at Sea.
  • Johnny Reb Gaming Society, publishes the free quarterly newsletter Charge! newsletter / fanzine with an annual paid membership dues. Also publishes wargaming scenarios books, such as Crossed Sabers, for its members.
  • L2 Design Group
  • Lock N' Load Publishing – Publisher of Lock N' Load series, and World at War series.
  • Lost Battalion Games – Games include the man-to-man scale Sergeants!, several card-based wargames.
  • Majestic Twelve Games – Publisher of several games, including Starmada, Iron Stars, & Grand Fleets.
  • Marek/Janci Design, publishers of full color miniature wargaming scenario books, including the Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature series and Undying Courage: Antietam in Miniature.
  • Matrix Games –
  • Mayfair Games – Original publisher of many "train" games, 18xx series, & Empire Builder.
  • Metagaming Originator of the microgame format, original publisher of Ogre.
  • Mongoose Publishing – publishers of RPGs, historical SF and fantasy rules.
  • Multi-Man Publishing – republishes Avalon Hill's Advanced Squad Leader (ASL)
  • New England Simulations – A New Hampshire based group that has created three games based on previously designed systems, with an emphasis on both graphics and design.
  • Operational Studies Group – Focuses primarily on the Napoleonic Era.
  • Paradox Entertainment – Creator of such games as the medieval wargames Europa Universalis I and II, WWII game Hearts of Iron, and Roman-era game Legion.
  • Privateer Press – Publishers of WARMACHINE as well as the Iron Kingdoms d20 RPG setting.
  • Quarterdeck Games
  • Radioactive Press – Publisher of the Toy Battle System series of games which includes Atomic Super Humans, Giant Monster Rampage, and Mega Bots.
  • Renaissance Ink - Owned by Jay Wirth. Published Fantasy Gladiators and Armistice, manufactures wargame bases and other modeling items.
  • Shrapnel Games, Inc. – A company owned by Timothy W. Brooks that primarily publishes war and strategy games.
  • Simmons Games – contemporary publisher of two (so far) Napoleonic wargames that look very much like the battlefield maps published at the time; also, the games do not use dice.
  • Simulations Publications, Inc. (SPI) – another early—and very prolific—wargame publisher, SPI published the magazines Strategy & Tactics and Moves.
  • Specialist Military Publishing publisher of BlitzkriegCommander, Cold War Commander and Future War Commander..
  • Stealthy Spider Publishing – Publishers of the Occult Wars horror/fantasy skirmish miniatures game.
  • Steve Jackson Games – Early successes were Ogre, Car Wars, and Illuminati. Also published many titles in the microgame format: tiny plastic boxes costing very little money (US$4–6).
  • StrikeNet Games publisher of Panzer Miniatures Rules.
  • Task Force Games – founded in 1979 by Steven V. Cole and Allen Eldrige, went out of business in the mid-'90s. Produced many games, most notably Star Fleet Battles and Starfire.
  • Too Fat Lardies – Publishers of Algernon Pulls it Off, Bag the Hun, I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!, If the Lord Spares Us, Kiss Me Hardy, Le Feu Sacré, Triumph of the Will, Kriegsspiel in both its 1824 and 1862 versions, They Couldn't Hit An Elephant, Sharp Practice and Troops, Weapons & Tactics.
  • Tower Games – Provide pay for play wargames for multiple players on-line. Titles include Line of Muskets and Lightning War
  • Wargames Research Group – Publisher of the popular De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA), De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) and De Bellis Renationis (DBR) rule sets for the ancient, medieval and renaissance periods.
  • Warhammer Historical Wargames (a division of Games Workshop) – Produce Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB), Warhammer English Civil War, Legends of the Old West and Warmaster Ancients.
  • Warhorse Simulations – Publisher of Empire and Automated Card Tracking System (ACTS).
  • Wessex Games – historical and sci fi / fantasy rules including Air War C21, Strange Tydes, and Iron Cow
  • Yaquinto Publications
  • Z&M Publishing Enterprises - Publisher of Angriff!

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