List of U.S. Presidential Relatives - Relatives of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President

Relatives of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President

  • Samuel Lincoln - 4th great grandfather of Abraham Lincoln
  • Abraham Lincoln (captain) - grandfather of Abraham Lincoln
  • Thomas Lincoln - father of Abraham Lincoln
  • Nancy Hanks - mother of Abraham Lincoln
  • Sarah Lincoln Grigsby - sister of Abraham Lincoln
  • Mordecai Lincoln - uncle of Abraham Lincoln
  • Mary Lincoln Crume - aunt of Abraham Lincoln
  • Gatewood Lincoln - first cousin once removed of the president and two-time governor of American Samoa
  • Mary Todd Lincoln - wife of the president
  • Robert Todd Lincoln - son, served as U.S. Secretary of War and U.S. Minister to Great Britain
  • William Wallace Lincoln - son, died in the White House during his father's term
  • Edward Baker Lincoln - second son, died at age 3.
  • Tad Lincoln - youngest son of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln II - grandson of Abraham Lincoln, son of Robert Todd Lincoln
  • Mary "Mamie" Lincoln - granddaughter of Abraham Lincoln, daughter of Robert Todd Lincoln
  • Jessie Harlan Lincoln - granddaughter of Abraham Lincoln, daughter of Robert Todd Lincoln

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