List of University of Pennsylvania People - Alumni - Medicine


  • David Hayes Agnew: Attended as operating surgeon when President James A. Garfield was fatally wounded by an assassin's bullet in 1881
  • William Wallace Anderson: Medical doctor, and architect whose works in South Carolina attained National Historic Landmarks status; he was also the father of Confederate General Richard H. Anderson
  • John Light Atlee: One of the organizers of, and past President of the American Medical Association
  • John Milton Bernhisel: Personal family physician to Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of Mormonism, and a close friend of Brigham Young
  • Michael S. Brown: Nobel laureate and the 1985 recipient of the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research
  • Nathaniel Chapman: 1st President of the American Medical Association
  • William Holmes Crosby, Jr. Considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of modern hematology
  • Samuel Gibson Dixon: Leading expert in the prevention and treatment of tubercolosis
  • Pliny Earle (physician), Class of 1837: American physician, psychiatrist, and poet, and a founder of the American Medical Association, the New York Academy of Medicine, the Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane, and the New England Psychological Society
  • Gerald Edelman: Nobel laureate and founder and director of The Neurosciences Institute
  • Archibald Magill Fauntleroy: Surgeon in the Confederate Army
  • Walter Freeman (neurologist): Lobotomist who performed nearly 3500 lobotomies in 23 states
  • A.Y.P. Garnett: President of the American Medical Association who served Jefferson Davis (as personal physician) and Robert E. Lee during the American Civil War
  • Isaac Hays: Opthamologist and 1st treasurer of the American Medical Association
  • Albert Kligman: Dermatologist who invented Retin-A, a popular acne medication
  • David E. Kuhl: Pioneering developer of positron emission tomography, also known as PET scanning, a nuclear medicine imaging technique
  • Crawford Long: Namesake of Emory University-operated Crawford Long Hospital in downtown Atlanta
  • Charles Delucena Meigs: Pioneering leader in obstetrics
  • John Peter Mettauer: the 1st plastic surgeon in the U.S.
  • Reuben D. Mussey: In 1835 he wrote the first definitive history of tobacco documenting its dangers, and later served as President of the American Medical Association
  • Mehmet Oz: Surgeon, author and TV host
  • Sidney Pestka: American biochemist and geneticist sometimes referred to as the "father of interferon"
  • Philip Syng Physick, Class of 1785: One of the foremost surgeons in post-colonial America, his patients included John Adams's daughter, Dolley Madison, Chief Justice John Marshall and President Andrew Jackson
  • Stanley B. Prusiner: Nobel laureate and the 1994 recipient of the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research
  • Isaac Starr: Cardiovascular researcher and the 1957 recipient of the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research
  • Alfred Stillé: the 1st Secretary, and later President of the American Medical Association
  • Bert Vogelstein: Cancer researcher at Johns Hopkins University

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