List of United States Virgin Islands Senators

Senator At-Large (Saint John)

Saint Croix Senators

  • Neville James (Democratic Party)
  • Wayne A.G. James (Democratic Party)
  • Michael Thurland (Democratic Party)
  • Terrence "Positive" Nelson (ICM)
  • Usie Raymond Richards (ICM) (President of the 27th Legislature of the U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • Nelly O'Reilly (Independent)
  • Sammuel Sanes (Democratic Party)

Saint Thomas-Saint John Senators

  • Patrick Simeon Sprauve (Democratic Party)
  • Carlton Dowe (Independent)
  • Adlah F. Donastorg (Democratic Party)
  • Alvin L. Williams (Democratic Party)
  • Louis Patrick Hill (Democratic Party) (President of the 28th Legislature of the U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • Shawn-Michael Malone (Democratic Party)
  • Celestino A. White, Sr. (Independent)

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