List of United States Presidential Candidates (1789–1852) - 1804-1852


This is list of candidates for the office of President of the United States after the adoption of the 12th Amendment and prior to 1856 who received at least one electoral vote.

Year Winning Candidate (Party) Losing Candidate(s) (Party)
1804 Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) Charles Pinckney (Federalist)
1808 James Madison (Democratic-Republican) Charles Pinckney (Federalist), George Clinton (Democratic-Republican)
1812 James Madison (Democratic-Republican) Dewitt Clinton (Federalist)
1816 James Monroe (Democratic-Republican) Rufus King (Federalist)
1820 James Monroe (Democratic-Republican) John Q. Adams (Independent Republican)
1824 John Q. Adams (Democratic-Republican) Andrew Jackson, William H. Crawford, Henry Clay (Democratic-Republican)
1828 Andrew Jackson (Democratic) John Q. Adams (National Republican)
1832 Andrew Jackson (Democratic) Henry Clay, John Floyd (National Republican); William Wirt (Anti-Masonic)
1836 Martin Van Buren (Democratic) William Henry Harrison, Hugh L. White, Daniel Webster, W. P. Mangum (Whig)
1840 William Henry Harrison (Whig) Martin Van Buren (Democratic)
1844 James K. Polk (Democratic) Henry Clay (Whig), James G. Birney, Amos Ellmaker (Liberty)
1848 Zachary Taylor (Whig) Lewis Cass (Democratic), Martin Van Buren (Free Soil)
1852 Franklin Pierce (Democratic) Winfield Scott (Whig), John P. Hale (Free Soil)

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