List of Ultras of Southeast Asia - Annamite Range and Eastern Mountains

Annamite Range and Eastern Mountains

No Peak Country Elevation (m) Prominence (m) Col (m)
1 Ngoc Linh Vietnam 2,598 2,208 390
2 Phou Bia Laos 2,830 2,079 751
3 Chu Yang Sin Vietnam 2,420 2,055 365
4 Phu Luong Vietnam 2,985 1,930 1055
5 Phu Si Lung China / Vietnam 3,076 1,750 1326
6 Phu Tra Vietnam 2,540 1,670 870
7 Phu Xai Lai Leng Laos / Vietnam 2,720 1,623 1097
8 Fansipan Vietnam 3,143 1,613 1530
9 Rao Co Laos / Vietnam 2,286 1,610 676
10 Kiou Leou Ti Vietnam 2,402 1,570 832
11 Yanyanpo China 2,990 1,502 1055

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