List of Tributaries of Larrys Creek

List Of Tributaries Of Larrys Creek

There are 42 named tributaries of Larrys Creek, which is a 22.9 mile (36.9 km) long stream in Lycoming County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Larrys Creek is a tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River and part of the Chesapeake Bay drainage basin; its watershed drains 89.1 square miles (231 km2) in six townships and a borough. Despite being clear-cut in the 19th century, as of 2008 the Larrys Creek watershed is 83.1% forest and 15.7% agricultural.

The named tributaries within the watershed are presented here in three lists. Larrys Creek itself has 18 named tributaries, which are the subject of the first list. The First Fork and Second Fork of Larrys Creek are the two main tributaries of Larrys Creek, and they have multiple tributaries of their own. The second list gives the First Fork's eight named tributaries, and the third list gives the Second Fork's nine named tributaries. Finally there are seven named streams in the watershed which are tributaries of tributaries of the three main branches, and they are presented after each list. There is one such stream for Larrys Creek itself, two for the First Fork, and four for the Second Fork. There are also tributaries without names, but they are not included in these lists.

Each list follows the same format. The first column gives the name—27 of the tributaries are named streams, while the remaining 15 are unnamed streams in named valleys: i.e. 13 hollows, one cove, and one swale. Tributaries which are themselves unnamed, but which are in a named valley are given the name of the feature in quotation marks, for example: "Pond Hollow". The first column also notes whether the tributary enters its parent stream on the right bank or left bank. The second column in each list gives the river miles, which is the distance from the mouth of the tributary to the mouth of its parent stream (Larrys Creek or the First or Second Fork). The third column gives the area of the drainage basin or watershed for that stream. The next four columns give the latitude and longitude and the elevation of the mouth and source of each tributary, and the final column has remarks, mostly about location.

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List Of Tributaries Of Larrys Creek - Tributaries - Second Fork Tributaries
... Allegheny Plateau at Clapp Point and ends in Salladasburg, where it joins Larrys Creek 5.8 miles (9.3 km) from the mouth ... road was built from the mouth along Larrys Creek to Salladasburg, then followed the Second Fork as far as the village of English Centre in Pine Township ... Over 6,000 acres (2,400 ha) along it belongs to the private "Larrys Creek Fish and Game Club" ...

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