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Willard, a mad scientist, is an extremely slow man. He talks slowly, moves slowly, lives his entire life slowly, and hates anything fast. After deciding that the rest of the world was too fast for him, Willard invented a beam that slows down molecular movement, and in Season 2 Episode "Alex Quits" attempted to use the ray to slow the rest of the world down so that everyone else would be slow like him. He managed to capture the spies (including new recruit Britney) with his slow ray, but was ultimately defeated by Alex and Britney.

In Season 3 Episode "Escape from WOOHP Island", the spies discover that Willard is the mastermind behind an escape attempt from WOOHP's maximum security prison island. Leading a band of other global criminals, Willard shot down Britney's plane, forcing her to crash land on the island. He intended to use a duplicate of Britney to kill the spies when they arrived to rescue their colleague, then escape in the spies' plane. However, the spies accidentally unmasked the duplicate, forcing Willard to reveal himself and attack them directly. During the fight, he showed that, despite his slowness and dislike of speed, he actually knows some very fast martial arts techniques. However, he was ultimately defeated by the real Britney.

Willard appears in a non-speaking cameo in several episodes involving mass escapes by WHOOP inmates.

Willard is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in "Alex Quits" and Jamie Watson in "Escape from WOOHP Island".

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