List of Titles and Honours of Hugh Trenchard, 1st Viscount Trenchard - Ranks


Trenchard held the following ranks:

  • 31 March 1891, 2nd Lieutenant, Forfar and Kincardine Artillery (Militia)
  • 9 September 1893, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Scots Fusiliers
  • 12 August 1896, Lieutenant, Royal Scots Fusiliers
  • 28 February 1900, Captain, Royal Scots Fusiliers
  • 22 August 1902, Brevet Major
  • 1 June 1908, Temporary Lieutenant Colonel
  • 4 November 1910, Brevet Major
  • 7 August 1914, Temporary Lieutenant Colonel
  • 18 January 1915, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel
  • 3 June 1915, Brevet Colonel
  • 25 August 1915, Temporary Brigadier General
  • 24 March 1916, Temporary Major-General
  • 1 January 1917, Major-General
  • 3 January 1918, Major-General, Royal Air Force
  • 1 August 1919, Air Vice-Marshal, Royal Air Force
  • 11 August 1919, Air Marshal, Royal Air Force
  • 1 April 1922, Air Chief Marshal, Royal Air Force
  • 1 January 1927, Marshal of the Royal Air Force

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