List of The Colbert Report Episodes (2008) - Season 4 (2008) - June


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
402 "Media Culpa" Jon Paskowitz I saw Sex and the City. Spoiler alert: she picks the Vivienne Westwood dress. (mouths "Oh my God") This is The Colbert Report." June 2 4071
Stephen starts by talking about Barack Obama resigning from his church. Stephen then claims the fire on the Universal Studios lot was a sign that God was listening to his prayers. In "The Wørd," he talks about Scott McClellan's view that the media was partly to blame for the Iraq War. In "Colbert Platinum," he talks about servants' quarters on private planes, a US$175 hamburger and video stamps. Stephen then interviews Jon Paskowitz about surfing. Finally, he talks about Democratic votes from Florida and Michigan.
403 "Unhealthy Competition" George Will "Time flies, especially since I built a clockapult. This is The Colbert Report." June 3 4072
Stephen starts by grieving over the final Democratic primaries and expressing his anger that it is now over. In "The Wørd," he suggests that in order to continue the War on Terror, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda should fight each other. In "Stephen's Sound Advice," he gives advice on finding a summer job. Finally, he interviews George Will about conservatism; Will states that he is an agnostic.
404 "None" Bob Barr, Salman Rushdie "Today is the first day of the rest of your life...and it's already 11:30. What a waste. This is The Colbert Report." June 4 4073
Stephen starts by talking about Barack Obama being the Democratic candidate for the election. He also talks about John McCain's speech about Obama. Stephen then talks about the Libertarian Party and talks to its presidential candidate Bob Barr. He then interviews Salman Rushdie about his new book The Enchantress of Florence. He ends with "The Lost O'Reilly Tapes," which shows more footage of Stephen's interview with Bill O'Reilly.
405 "Oh, The Places You'll Stay" Pat Buchanan "I regret that I have but one life to give. I want more lives! This is The Colbert Report." June 5 4074
Stephen starts by talking about a television adaptation of The Andromeda Strain, in which one character mentions she watches The Colbert Report. In "The Wørd," he talks about a speech he made at Princeton University, and asks students not to change the world. In "Stephen Colbert's Sport Report," he talks about Usain Bolt breaking the 100 metres world record and then interviews Mike Forrester, an American lumberjack sportsman. Finally, Stephen interviews Pat Buchanan about how World War II could have been avoided.
406 "If At First You Don't Secede" Philip Weiss "I always say, 'If you can't beat 'em, report 'em to Homeland Security.' They'll beat 'em for you. This is The Colbert Report." June 9 4075
Stephen starts by talking about Hillary Clinton dropping out of the presidential race. In "The Wørd," he talks about how the next President will not be from the South, and the controversy of a large Confederate flag being flown in Tampa Bay. In the "ThreatDown:" 5. Albatrosses! 4. Naked People! 3. T-Shirts! 2. High Class Vermin! 1. Secret Negro Presidents! Finally, he interviews Philip Weiss on his theory that men are not automatically monogamous.
407 "None" Alan Rabinowitz "I'm Stephen Colbert, the most trusted name in the name of my show. This is The Colbert Report." June 10 4076
Stephen talks about the new iPhone, and complains that it is better than the free one that he begged Apple Inc. to give to him. He then talks about the allegations that a fist-bump between Barack and Michelle Obama is also used by Hezbollah, and about Barack's alleged elitism. In "Smokin' Pole: The Fight for Arctic Riches," Stephen talks about a prediction that in the future, countries will fight over the resources in the Arctic, and how he has bought the rights to the theme music from Hockey Night in Canada. Finally, Stephen interviews Alan Rabinowitz about endangered cats.
408 "U.S. Airweighs" David Hadju "The heat wave is over, but I'm still smokin'. This is The Colbert Report." June 11 4077
Stephen discusses Israel's choice of its national bird. In the "Leviticus Update" segment, he talks about an Israeli rabbi ruling that giraffe is Kosher. Stephen then discusses how high gas prices are affecting airlines. The "Un-American News: U.S. Election Edition" focuses on foreign newspapers' coverage of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Finally, Stephen interviews David Hadju about how comic books changed America.
409 "None" Winona LaDuke, Dixon Despommier "Tony Awards, it's not too late to revise your list of nominees. (theatrically) Pow! This is The Colbert Report." June 12 4078
Stephen briefly comments on the world's oldest church allegedly being found in Jordan. He then offers up "Stephen Colbert's Make McCain Exciting Challenge!," inviting viewers to replace the green screen behind John McCain at one of his speeches with something exciting. Stephen then interviews Winona LaDuke about the impact of Native Americans on the presidential election. In the "We the MEdiator" segment, he settles the feud between Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee. Finally, Stephen interviews Dixon Despommier about vertical farming.
410 "Ploy-cott" Kenneth R. Miller, R.E.M. "Have I told you lately that I love me? This is The Colbert Report." June 16 4079
Stephen begins by paying tribute to Tim Russert. He then talks about a new "Global Edition" of his show, which leads to a discussion on the 2008 Summer Olympics. In a new segment, "The Enemy Within," Stephen profiles a substitute teacher from Land O' Lakes, Florida who was fired for allegedly practicing wizardry. He then interviews Kenneth R. Miller about intelligent design. Finally, Stephen plays another song from R.E.M.'s appearance in April, "Hollow Man."
411 "None" Neal Katyal, Jonathan Zittrain "Mark my words...seriously, Mark, I need my words. Where's my script? This is The Colbert Report." June 17 4080
Stephen first talks about collecting his Peabody Award. He then goes on to talk about prisoners at Guantanamo being able to challenge their cases in civilian courts and interviews Neal Katyal about the decision. In "Stephen Colbert's Sport Report," Stephen talks about Ken Griffey Jr. scoring his 600th home run, gambling in basketball, and Mike Forrester making it through to the next stage of his timber sports contest. Finally, he interviews Jonathan Zittrain on the future of the internet.
412 "Lexicon Artist" Uma Mysorekar, Junot Díaz "This is the dawning of the Age of Colbertius. This is The Colbert Report." June 18 4081
Stephen again starts by talking about his Peabody Award. In "The Wørd," he says that John McCain is distancing himself from President Bush by using another word to describe the War on Terror. Stephen then talks about Barack Obama going to church in a new segment, "Stephen Colbert's Barack Obama Church Search," and discusses if Obama should be a Hindu. He then talks to Uma Mysorekar about the faith. Finally, Stephen interviews Junot Díaz about his books.
413 "None" N. T. Wright, Cookie Monster "Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder; I've checked. There's nothing in there but veins and goo. This is The Colbert Report." June 19 4082
Stephen starts with a "Shout Out" to George Foster Peabody for winning the "Stephen T. Colbert Award in Excellence for Recognizing Excellence." He then talks about comments made by Sean Hannity. Stephen then talks about cookies no longer being the most popular snack for children under the age of 6, blaming Cookie Monster for eating fruit. This results in Cookie Monster making a guest appearance. Finally, he interviews N. T. Wright on Christianity and heaven. During the signing off, Stephen notices his Peabody is missing, which Cookie Monster noticed before and described it as looking like a cookie, but Stephen slaps his hand away. When he notices his Peabody is missing, he asks, "Cookie Monster, did you eat my Peabody?"
414 "Black & White" Barbara Ehrenreich "Guests of The Colbert Report stay at the luxurious...crashing with a friend. This is The Colbert Report." June 23 4083
Stephen talks about the anniversary of him breaking his wrist and points out cuts and bruises on his face, starting a campaign against "face violence". He then talks about South Africa ruling that Chinese South Africans are black. In "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger," Stephen wags his finger at Barack Obama, then tips his hat to him. He wags his finger at California, tips his hat to condoms and the South Pole and wags his finger at high fuel prices. Finally, Stephen interviews Barbara Ehrenreich about the differences between the rich and poor.
415 "Bleep" Will Smith "I promise to deliver the truth in the next thirty minutes or it's free. This is The Colbert Report." June 24 4084
Stephen starts by talking about "face violence." He then talks about the oil crisis. In "The Wørd," Stephen mistakenly thinks that George Carlin banned the "seven words you can never say on television." He then talks again about the Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi, the spider named after Neil Young. He reveals that Jason E. Bond, who named the spider, will also name a spider after Stephen, and talks to him over the phone. Finally, Stephen interviews Will Smith about his new film, Hancock.
416 "None" Paul Goldberger, Neil DeGrasse Tyson "What do I want? My own show! When do I want it? Now! This is The Colbert Report." June 25 4085
Stephen begins by showing viewer submissions for "Stephen Colbert's Make McCain Exciting Challenge!" He then discusses other nations' impressive skylines and interviews Paul Goldberger about architecture. In the "Judge, Jury & Executioner: Tenth Justice Edition" segment, he discusses the Supreme Court's rulings related to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Second Amendment and an upcoming ruling on the Navy's use of sonar. Finally, Stephen interviews Neil DeGrasse Tyson about his show, NOVA scienceNOW.
417 "None" Robert Wexler "I'm about to take two weeks off. You know what that means? Fresh injuries. This is The Colbert Report." June 26 4086
Stephen starts by talking about North Korea's disarmament of its nuclear weapons program. He then figures out which new countries should be in the Axis of Evil. Stephen then talks about the Supreme Court's ruling that guns should be allowed in Washington D. C. In a new segment, "Stephen Colbert's The Tank is Half Full," he looks at the good side of the oil crisis. In "Difference Makers," Stephen reruns a story from June 29, 2006, about a man who believes fireworks shouldn't be illegal. Finally, he interviews Robert Wexler about liberalism.

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