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  • Captain America, Created by Dr. Erskine to be the first of an army of Super-Soldiers, a plan that was derailed when the creator of the Super-Soldier serum was assassinated, and the serum itself destroyed. Other characters in the Marvel Universe, such as Wolverine and Nuke are continuations of those experiments, as part of the Weapon Plus program. Other Marvel Super-Soldiers include the mutant Cable, Omega Red, X-23, Deadpool, Josiah X and Isaiah Bradley.
  • The Galadorian Space Knights of toy line and comic adaptation Rom: Spaceknight were a form of Super-Soldier, cybernetically enhanced to fight the alien Dire Wraiths.
  • OMAC, the One-Man Army Corps, is a superhero created by Jack Kirby and published by DC Comics. Set in the near future, OMAC is a corporate nobody named Buddy Blank who is changed by an A.I. satellite called Brother Eye into a super-soldier. Sasha Bordeaux, Checkmate's Black Queen, is a Super-Soldier produced by OMAC technology.
  • The Wildstorm Universe, Team 7 was exposed to the Gen-Factor in order to turn them into super-powered soldiers. This is, directly or indirectly, the origin of many of Wildstorm's major superheroes.
  • The Authority's Apollo and Midnighter were black ops soldiers surgically modified by Henry Bendix of Stormwatch.
  • T.A.O. of the WildCats was genetically designed by the Halo Corporation to be the perfect Tactically Augmented Organism.
  • Rogue Trooper and the other G.I.s are genetically modified troops designed to be resistant to all known NBC dangers.
  • Lobster Random of 2000 AD was adapted to never feel pain or need to sleep. This was originally believed to be through gene therapy and neurosurgery, but it was later revealed that the lobster claws (delivered by a god from another reality) grafted to him were the real cause.
  • Marvel UK character Killpower was genetically engineered by Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey as a prototype foot soldier for the Mys-Tech corporation.
  • Other Marvel UK characters Death Wreck, the second Death's Head and Death Metal were cyborgs created by Doctor Evelyn Necker as part of the MINION project, a program to produce powerful, near-indestructible soldiers for the criminal group A.I.M. in an alternate future; however, all three proved uncontrollable and eventually rebelled.
  • Marvel UK superteam, Super Soldiers were a group of British enhanced soldiers, using biotech similar to that used by the U.S. to produce Nuke.
  • Pow!, a British comic magazine featured the Esper Commandos, a group of powerful psychics secretly working for the British government, in their 1971 annual.
  • The Gene Dogs were elite covert troops modified with animal DNA to enhance their abilities.
  • Marshal Law is based on the premise of genetically and surgically enhanced super-soldiers dealing poorly with being demobilized and unable to fit in with normal humans.
  • The DNAgents were created to serve as soldiers for a covert organization.
  • The Manga Bio Booster Armor Guyver and its franchise have the monstrous superhuman Zoanoids and the techno-organic Guyver Units developed as living weapons.
  • Serpentor from G.I. Joe was designed by Cobra to be a supersoldier consisting of DNA from history's most infamous tyrants.

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