List of Strange Days At Blake Holsey High Characters

List Of Strange Days At Blake Holsey High Characters

This is a list of fictional characters in the Canadian science fiction television series Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.

Read more about List Of Strange Days At Blake Holsey High Characters:  Josie Trent, Corrine Baxter, Lucas Randall, Marshall Wheeler, Vaughn Pearson, Professor Noel Zachary, Principal Amanda Durst, Victor Pearson, The Janitor, Sarah Lynch Pearson, Others

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... Professor Zachary's immediate predecessor as Blake Holsey's science teacher ... On the night before Josie arrives at Blake Holsey, Professor Middleton disappears into the wormhole located in his office, an event that is witnessed by ... Middleton seems to know much more of what is to happen around Blake Holsey, and tries to warn future Lucas about the Pearsons and the agents of the future ...

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