List of State Leaders in 1864 - South America

South America

  • Argentina - Bartolomé Mitre, President of Argentina (1862–1868)
  • Brazil -
    • Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil (1831–1889)
      1. Pedro de Araújo Lima, President of the cabinet of ministers (1862–1864)
      2. Zacarias de Góis e Vasconcelos, President of the cabinet of ministers (1864- 1864)
      3. Francisco José Furtado, President of the cabinet of ministers (1864–1865)
  • Chile - José Joaquín Pérez, President of Chile (1861-1871)
  • Ecuador - Gabriel García Moreno, President of Ecuador (1859–1865)
  • Uruguay -
    1. Bernardo Berro, President of Uruguay (1860–1864)
    2. Atanasio Aguirre, President of Uruguay (1864–1865)

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