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Chloe Armstrong (portrayed by Elyse Levesque) is the 23-year-old daughter of a US Senator, whose character is tested "after her father's tragic death and the dire circumstances of being trapped on a spaceship". Her father had political oversight over the Icarus project trying to dial the Stargate's ninth chevron. She holds a degree in political science from Harvard and she is also the aide of her father, Alan Armstrong, until he sacrifices himself in the pilot. She is pursuing a relationship with Matthew Scott, while developing a strong friendship with Eli Wallace, who is romantically attracted to her. She is either oblivious of Eli Wallace's feelings, or she chooses to ignore them. She considers Eli her one true friend and says that she realizes that before she met Eli, she never had a true friend. In Incursion, after being injured and trapped in the bow of the ship with Eli, she indicates she is aware of his feelings though she doesn't outright say it and Eli later kisses her on the cheek.

In the first season episode "Space", Chloe is taken captive by an unknown alien race who desires to capture the Destiny. She is placed in stasis until Rush, who has been taken captive as well after Young abandoned him on a desert planet, rescues her and they both manage to escape the alien ship. In "Incursion (Part 2)", Chloe is shot in the leg while escaping the Alliance forces with Eli, but is miraculously healed, though she cannot explain the phenomena. In "Pathogen", she discovers she has been blacking out and reappearing at other locations in a daze, with no memory of how she got there. Under her trance state, Chloe is able to come up with solutions to equations related to Destiny that Rush has problems solving. Rush and Young deduce she may have been infected with a pathogen by the aliens who captured her to serve towards an unknown goal. Rush comes up with the idea to use the Ancient repository chair to remove the pathogen from her brain. However, Rush privately confirms her suspicions that she couldn't be cured, and is now secretly using her to help unlock the Destiny's capabilities. Chloe's condition is later discovered (again) and she is locked up. She started changing into an alien and the blackouts recently restarted. Eventually it got so bad the crew was planning to put her off the ship at the next possible opportunity after Chloe summoned the aliens, although she claimed to be in control of herself and had a good reason for it. The crew ended up making a deal with the aliens to remove the pathogen, but Chloe retains the ability to do immensely complicated equations and believes that the aliens will be more determined then ever to capture Destiny with whatever they got from her.

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