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Soi Fon (砕蜂(ソイフォン), Soi Fon?, pinyin: Suì Fēng), born Fon Shaolin (蜂 梢綾(フォン シャオリン), Fon Shaorin?, pinyin: Fēng Shaolíng), is the captain of the 2nd Division and also the current Commander in Chief of The Secret Remote Squad (隠密機動, Onmitsukidō?). She is a hard worker who believes strongly in following orders. She is also outwardly antagonistic to her underlings as she believes this keeps them on their toes. During her childhood, she served as a bodyguard and eventual protégé of Yoruichi Shihōin with whom she developed a close relationship. When Yoruichi left Soul Society, Soi Fon was crushed by the fact that Yoruichi did not take her with her. When Yoruichi returns to Soul Society a century later, Soi Fon engages her in battle yet did not manage to defeat her. After asking the question of why she was left behind, to which Yoruichi's answer is not heard, the two make amends. Their relationship has become somewhat of a running gag: Soi Fon likes anything resembling a black cat (a form Yoruichi can assume at will) and displays jealousy should Yoruichi be in someone else's company. Soi Fon also applies battle techniques similar to Yoruichi, engaging the enemies by using hand-to-hand combat with Shunpo abilities.

Soi Fon's Zanpakutō is Suzumebachi (雀蜂?, literally translated as "Hornet"). When released by the command "Sting all Enemies to Death" (尽敵螫殺, Jinteki Shakusetsu?), it shrinks into a stinger that is worn on the middle finger of Soi Fon's right hand. Whenever it stabs an opponent, a butterfly-like symbol called a hornet's crest (蜂紋華, hōmonka?) spreads from the point of contact. The crest bears four wings because the Hornet has two sets of full-size wings located on its thorax. Due to her training, this mark can be kept there for as long as she desires. Should Suzumebachi stab the same location again, the opponent dies. This also holds true if an internal organ is pierced in the same location, regardless of the point of entry into the body. Furthermore, if Soi Fon is infected with a foreign poison, she can stab herself with her zanpakutō to counteract the new poison with her own, neutralizing it.

Suzumebachi's Bankai, Jakuhō Raikōben (雀蜂雷公鞭?, lit. "Hornet Whip of the Thunder Immortal") composes of a greatly enlarged version of the shikai form that encases the entirety of Soi Fon's arm, which she mentions as being bulky and incapable of concealing, and thus unsuited for use in missions requiring stealth. In this form, Suzumebachi becomes a long-range weapon and looks like a large rocket launcher; its main offensive capability allowing Soi Fon to launch a high-speed projectile that resembles a large missile. The thunderous recoil produced by the weapon requires Soi Fon to be anchored to a nearby stationary object via an enhanced cloth-like material (which doubles as armor) called Ginjōtan (銀条反?, lit. "Stripe of Inverted Silver").

Soi Fon notes that normally she can only use her bankai once every three days without issue; using it more than once in a day, while possible, drains considerable amounts of her spirit energy. So even the second shot would exhaust her to the point where her speed and maneuverability would be seriously impaired which is anathema to her fighting style which requires high levels of both. Soi Fon is also well known in the Soul Society for her high speed movement, shunpō and also the Flash Release technique, shunkō. Suzumebachi appears as a freed Zanpakutō spirit in the Zanpakutō Unknown Tales anime arc resembling a tiny flying hornet-like girl with a gauntlet like stinger on one hand whose agility matches Soi Fon's high speed movement.

In the Japanese version of the series, Soi Fon was originally voiced by Tomoko Kawakami and was later replaced by Houko Kuwashima following her illness in 2008, and by Karen Strassman in the English dub.

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