List of Solty Rei Characters - R.U.C. Personnel

R.U.C. Personnel

Ashley Lynx (アシュレイ・リンクス, Ashurei Rinkusu?)
  • Age: 25-30 in appearance (approximately more than 200 years old due to his Resemble parts)
  • Height: 190 cm (6'2½")
  • Hair Color: White
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Jason Liebrecht (English)
A white haired, high-ranking member of the R.U.C. His original name is Locke. The left side of his face and torso, his left arm, and possibly more of his body are Resemble. He is one of the few surviving first-generation immigrants, and once supervised the construction of the underground city. While he is charming superficially, he holds ulterior motives for those who work for him, and ultimately has little regard for his subordinates. In the final two episodes, he was shown to have had a romantic relationship with a human named Illumina Kisch, who stored her final words in Solty to be conveyed to him. Due to injury from accidents on two separate occasions, he was repaired via resemblization by Eunomia, but was later killed by Eunomia after losing control of her.
Integra Martel (インテグラ・マーテル, Integura Māteru?)
  • Voiced by: Ryo Hirohashi (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)
The dark-haired leader of R.U.C. Special Security Division (PROCEED Team). Integra is responsible and level-headed. Her PROCEED suit is pink and can increase her speed to superhuman levels, but it taxes her to do this more than three times successively. After the death of her teammates, Sylvia and Celica, she confronts Ashley for revenge and challenges him to a fight, but he defeats her even though she was still fighting after she exceeds her expected limit of three accelerations. However, she doesn't die and later appears in a hospital with Accela. Her name is based on the Honda/Acura Integra.
Sylvia Ban (シルビア・バン, Shirubia Ban?)
  • Voiced by: Shizuka Itō (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)
A hot-tempered blonde who has romantic feelings for Ashley. When Rose took over Integra's job as the leader of the PROCEED Team, Sylvia challenges Rose to a duel in their armour. Her PROCEED suit is blue and increases her strength. Later in the story, she confronts Ashley after she hears that Celica has been fired. Ashley consoles her before thrusting his resemble arm into her, killing her instantly. Her name is based on the Nissan Silvia.
Celica Yayoi (セリカ・ヤヨイ, Serika Yayoi?)
  • Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Japanese), Kara Edwards (English)
A tanned, carefree sniper who works as long range support for the PROCEED Team. She is quite a laid back person who is very close to Sylvia and often teases Accela. Despite working for the R.U.C., she was an Unregistered Citizen in her youth until she was adopted by Kasha's uncle and aunt and raised as their own. Her PROCEED suit is orange, and contains multiple laser ports on the shoulders and arms. It also aids her sight, which is good in her position as a sniper. She has a penchant for slacking off and playing video games, but she does her job well as long as she gets paid. Later in the series, she rebels against the R.U.C. to avenge Sylvia's death but is killed by a sniper while confronting Rose. Her name is based on the Toyota Celica.
Accela Warrick (アクセラ・ウォリック, Akusera Worikku?)
  • Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)
A redheaded, shy, information specialist of the PROCEED Team. Accela is a good cook. She takes care of Solty temporarily after Roy yells at her. Her PROCEED suit only appears in the last 4 episodes. It is white and allows her greater computer network access. After her friends were killed at the hands of the R.U.C., she went on a maddened rampage by piloting the gargantuan floating vessel Hilga, docked inside R.U.C. itself. During the rampage, she destroyed large parts of the city with Hilga's powerful hyper beam cannon. After hearing the conversation between Solty and Rose, she self-destructed the vessel in order to stop the hyper beam cannon from firing. She managed to survive, and later recovered in a hospital with Integra. Her name is based on the Mazda Axela.

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