List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Oxfordshire

The following is a list of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Oxfordshire, a county in South East England. It has an area of 2,605 square kilometres and a population of 648,700. In England, the body responsible for designating SSSIs is Natural England, which is responsible for protecting England's natural environment. Notification as an SSSI gives legal protection to the best sites for wildlife and geology. As of 2011, there are 110 SSSIs in this Area of Search, 76 of which have been designated for biological interest, 27 for geological interest, and 7 for both biological and geological interest.

For other counties, see List of SSSIs by Area of Search.

The data in the table is taken from English Nature's website in the form of citation sheets for each SSSI.

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... Site name Reason for designation Area Grid reference Year in which notified Map Location Biological interest Geological interest Hectares Acres Alvescot Meadows Y 2.7 6.7 SP273050 ...

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