List of Show Business Families - Celebrity Siblings

Celebrity Siblings

  • Against The Season consisting of Mika Wolfgramm, Donnie Wolfgramm, Kelela Wolfgramm and Tiare Wolfgramm are the younger brothers and sisters of the Wolfgramm's who made up 1980's pop and r&b group The Jets.
  • Ellen (1940–), Joey (1950–), and John Travolta (1954–)
  • John (1939–) and Mary Badham (1952–)
  • Shirley MacLaine (1934-) and Warren Beatty (1937-) (born Shirley MacLaine and Henry Warren Beaty)
  • Jonas (1967–), Linn (1970–), and Jenny Berggren (1972–), all founding members of Ace of Base
  • Kirk Cameron (1970–) and Candace Cameron Bure (1976–)
  • The Carpenters — Richard (1946–) and Karen Carpenter (1950–1983)
  • Keith Chegwin is the twin of Jeffrey Chegwin and brother of Janice Long
  • Joan (1962–) and John Cusack (1966–)
  • Bunny (1955–), Eldra "El" (1961–), James (1963–), Mark and Randy DeBarge, all members of the band DeBarge, plus five other musical siblings who were not in that band — Robert "Bobby" (1956–1995), Tommy (both members of Switch), Chico (1966–), Darryl, and Carol "Peaches" DeBarge
  • Joanne Dru (1922–1996) and Peter Marshall (1927–) — born Joanne Letitia and Ralph Pierre LaCock
  • Rebekah (1974–), Sebastian (1989-), Peter and Dominic Elmaloglou (all appeared at one point in Home and Away)
  • Karolina, Marisela (1966-) and Victor Esqueda, singers
  • Chip, Jere and Kim Fields, actresses
  • Leif Garrett (1961–) and Dawn Lyn (1963–) (born Leif Per and Dawn Lyn Narvik)
  • Anna Gordy Gaye (1922–) and Berry Gordy (1929–)
  • Ilene (1949–) and Todd Graff (1959–)
  • Oliver (1976–) and Kate Hudson (1979–)
  • The Jets — originally LeRoy (1965–), Eddie (1966–), Eugene (1967–), Haini (1968–), Rudy (1969–), Kathi (1970–), Elizabeth (1972–), and Moana Wolfgramm (1973–). Six younger Wolfgramm siblings are now members, namely Donnie, EtiVise, Maliana, Mika, Natalia, and Tony. Two other younger siblings, Kelela and Tiare, are in a side project, a rock band called Against The Season.
  • The Kelly Family
  • Merald "Bubba" (1942–) and Gladys Knight (1944–)
  • Michael (1958–) and Virginia Madsen (1961–)
  • Tia and Tamera Mowry (twins, 1978–) and Tahj Mowry (1986–)
  • Laila Morse (born Maureen Oldman) (1945–) and Gary Oldman (1958–)
  • Tracy Nelson (1963–) and twins Gunnar and Matthew Nelson (1967–)
  • Hayden (1989–) and Jansen Panettiere (1994–)
  • Sarah-Jane (1976–) and Andrew-Lee Potts (1979–)
  • Abraham "A. B." Quintanilla III (1963–) and Selena (1971–1995)
  • Rockwell (1964–) and half-sister Rhonda Ross Kendrick (1971–) (children of Berry Gordy)
  • Mark Ronson (1975–) and twins Charlotte and Samantha Ronson (1977–)
  • Ananda (1942–1999) and Mamata Shankar (fl. 2008)
  • Heather (1976–), David and Nicholle Tom (fraternal twins, 1978–)
  • Dick (1928–) and Joyce Van Patten (1934–) and half-brother Tim Van Patten (1959–)

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