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"Joco" redirects here. For the similarly nicknamed musician, see Jonathan Coulton.

Voiced by: Motoko Kumai (Japanese), Matthew George (English)

Joco McDonnell, known as Chocolove McDonnell (チョコラブ・マクダネル, Chokorabu Makudaneru?) in the original Japanese version, is an African-American shaman from New York who aspires to become a comedian, though his jokes are regarded as corny because they are mostly bad puns that make little sense to his companions. His goal is to become Shaman King in order to save the world through laughter, a philosophy he adopted from his mentor Orona.

Originally trained by Orona, an elderly shaman from the Amazon, Joco greatly respected him for his ability to use laughter to save others. In the anime, Joco admired Orona's ability to stop a robber using laughter alone. Their first meeting in the manga is considerably darker; Joco had previously lived the violent life of a gangster after his own parents were murdered and met Orona after Joco had shot and killed a man (revealed to be Professor Munzer, the father of Rebseb and Seyram) on Christmas Day, the same day his parents were murdered. Orona defeats Joco using his shamanic powers and manages to make Joco laugh, which eventually forges a relationship between them after Joco reveals he can see Orona's spirit, Mic Jaguar. After meeting Yoh and his friends, he becomes the third member of Ren's team and possesses the most stable and reliable relationship with his spirits. When he is confronted by Redseb and Seyram Munzer, who seek to avenge their father, after the children's Golem has killed his old friends, Joco takes responsibility for taking the life of Dr. Munzer and is killed by the Golem. He meets Orona in Hell and is forced to face his own guilt before being resurrected by Lady Sati; however, to atone for his sins, he asks to be left blind.

Joco's medium to make his oversoul are metal claws that he always has with him named "Shaft" and his fingernails and eyes. He gains black markings all over his body that increase his speed and agility and makes his a similar resemblance to that of a Jaguar, hence the name "Black Jaguar". In the anime, after training using the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, Joco's oversoul evolved into a giant Mic with wings. In the manga, Joco winds up dying twice and entering Hell, which grants him the highest furyoku level amongst the Five Elemental Warriors. During his first death, he obtains a new spirit ally, Pascal Avaf, and when he fuses Mic and Pascal Avaf into "Shaft", his Oversoul evolved into an armor oversoul, Jaguarman. In this Oversoul Chocolove gains a new attack called "Jaguar Shaft". He later obtains the Spirit of Wind when Lady Sati recognizes him as one of the Five Elemental Warriors. Years after the Shaman Fight, he takes responsibility for his life as a gang member and willingly goes to prison, where he is sentenced to sixteen years. Known as a model prisoner by the nickname "Mr. Wind", his release is secured by Lyserg for the Elemental Warriors' reunion at Funbari Hot Springs years later.

The English release of the manga edits Chocolove's lips so that they match that of the other characters to avoid a blackface stereotype. His lips remain unedited in the 4Kids version of the anime and the credits for the game Shaman King: Master of Spirits.

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