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The Sega Lindbergh arcade system board is a MontaVista Linux embedded PC (The Lindbergh Blue system used Windows Embedded instead). Sega had initially planned to use Microsoft's Xbox 360 as the basis for the arcade board, but instead opted for an architecture based on standard PC hardware.

According to Sega-AM2 president Hiroshi Kataoka, porting Lindbergh titles (such as Virtua Fighter 5) to Sony's PlayStation 3 is generally easier than porting to Xbox 360, because the Lindbergh and PS3 use a GPU designed by the same company, Nvidia.

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List Of Sega Arcade System Boards - Sega Lindbergh - Lindbergh Specifications
... USB port x 4, high-definition output (DVI and VGA out), S-Video out, DVD Drive Support, Sega ALL.NET online support Operating System MontaVista Linux Protection High Spec original security module ... The Sega Lindbergh standard universal sit-down cabinet uses a 1360x768 WXGA LCD display ... Aside from the standard Lindbergh system (Lindbergh Yellow), Sega developed a Lindbergh Red and Lindbergh Blue system, which have different specifications ...

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