List of Saint Joseph's University Buildings - Residence Halls - University Apartments & Townhouses

University Apartments & Townhouses

  • Rashford (named in honor of former president Rev. Nicholas Rashford, S.J., located on City Avenue, this apartment complex houses 152 students)
  • Lannon (named in honor of former president Rev. Timothy R. Lannon, S.J., located next to Rashford, this complex houses 254 students)
  • Ashwood this co-ed apartment located on Overbrook Avenue has a capacity for 170 students
  • Wynnewood located on City Avenue, this apartment houses 104 students
  • Merion Gardens another apartment complex located on City Avenue on the Merion side, 216 students reside here
  • Lancaster Courts Weymouth houses 112 students while Hastings houses 108
  • Morris Quad Townhouses opened in the Fall of 1997, these townhouses accompany 116 students
  • Villiger (named in honor of former president Rev. Burchard Villiger, S.J., commonly referred to as the second founder of the University, will be completed in 2011 and will be the largest residence at six stories)

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