List of Road Accidents 2000–2009 - 2000s - 2002


  • January 7 — A Manikganj–Dhaka regular route bus driver lost control while trying to cross a bridge at an excessive speed and plunged over 35 feet into the river at Aminbazar, Savar, Bangladesh, killing 30, many more passengers were injured.
  • February 13 — At least 40 killed when a bus collided with a truck and caught fire.
  • February 17 — Two buses collided, both carrying travelers by Lunar New Year holiday, where a bus crashed at Hechuan, Henan, China, killing 25, injuring another 12.
  • March 13 — An Ayacucho–Lima regular route bus burst into flames, before skidding out of control and hitting a gasoline station at Chincha Alta, Ica, Peru, killing 35.
  • 19 April — A bus carrying construction workers plunges off a mountain road near Salalah, Oman killing 46 in country's worst ever road accident.
  • 23 April — A steamroller falls off a truck and crushes a bus 70 miles north of Ufa, Russia, killing 14 people.
  • 26 May — 14 die in the I-40 bridge disaster on Interstate 40, near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma when a barge collided with a bridge support, causing a 580-foot section of the bridge to plunge into the Arkansas River.
  • May 27 — A Ghatakpukur-Kolkatta route bus carrying office workers veers off and falls into a pond at Chowbagha, West Bengal, India, killing 46, in an incident involving excessive speed and a burst tire.
  • June 2 — A bus carrying pilgrims bound for Multan, falls off a bridge in Jhelum, Punjab of Pakistan, in an incident caused by the driver losing control of the vehicle, killing 40, another 10 injured.
  • 15 June — A truck and a bus collide on a highway in North Chungchong, South Korea, killing 15 and seriously injuring another 20 people.
  • July 2 — A Damri public bus carrying children and parents from Jenbar plunged into a 24-foot-deep (7.3 m) ravine at Arjasa, East Java, Indonesia, killing 26, another 44 are injured.
  • July 7 — A bus carrying Polish tourists slides off the road and overturns in Balatonszentgyorgy, Somogy, Hungary, in an incident caused by excessive speed, killing 19, another 31 are injured.
  • 19 July — Over 70 die when a bus is hit by a runaway fuel tanker at Rutoto in Uganda.
  • August 7 — A Guerrero–Guadalajara regular route bus slammed into a concrete wall at Zinapecuaro, Michoacán, Mexico, in an incident caused by a 26-years old bus driver involving excessive speed, killing 33, another 10 are injured.
  • August 9 — An Urumqi–Kashgar regular route bus plunged off a bridge at the outskirts of Kashgar, Xinjiang Uygur, China, killing 34.
  • August 18 — A bus falls into a ravine and overturns near Yantikovo, Chuvashia, Russia, killing 21 and injuring 37.
  • August 18 — A bus carrying people returning from an annual religious festival at Nevsehir, skidded off the road and overturned after brake failure at the outskirts of Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey, in an incident caused by excessive speed, killing 29, another 30 are injured.
  • September 2 — A bus plummets 520 feet down a ravine at the outskirts of Coroico, Nor Yungas, Bolivia, killing 29, another 25 are injured.
  • September 7 — A bus attempted to pass a car and crashed into a truck at the outskirts of Mbozi, Mbeya, Tanzania, killing 27, another 43 are injured.
  • September 12 — A van carrying migrant workers from Central America plunges off a bridge into a river in the State of Maine, killing 14 workers in the state's worst ever road accident.
  • October — 10 die in an accident on Interstate 43 in the state of Wisconsin; the accident is considered the worst in state history.
  • 16 November — A bus crash in Cuesta del Totoral in Northern Argentina kills over fifty people.
  • November 24 — A regular route bus smashed through an iron railing and plunged 42 feet down into the ravine at the outskirts of Tagkawayan, Quezon, Philippines, killing 33, in an incident caused by mechanical failure.

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