List of Religious Populations - By Proportion - Buddhists


Countries with the greatest proportion of Buddhists (included other folk religions) from Buddhism by country (as of 2008):

  1. Cambodia 96% (Theravada, Muslim 3%, Christian and other 2%)
  2. Thailand 94.6% (Theravada, Muslim 4%, Christian 0.7%, other 0.3%)
  3. Mongolia 90% (Tibetan Buddhism, Muslim 5%, Christian and other 5%)
  4. Hong Kong Triple religion 90% (10% practising) ("Triple religion", Christian and others 7%)
  5. Myanmar 89% (Theravada, Christian 4%, Muslim 4%, Animism or other 2%)
  6. Vietnam 85% (7.9% practicing)("Triple religion", Christian 7%, Cao Dai 3%, other 3%)
  7. Macau 85% ("Triple religion", Christian 6%, Atheist or other 3%)
  8. Laos 67%-98% (67% Theravada with 31% traditional animist.)
  9. People's Republic of China 50-+80% (8% practicing) (Triple religion, Atheist 10.5%, Christian 4%, Muslim 1.5%)
  10. Bhutan +66-75% (Lamaistic, Hindu 25%)
  11. Christmas Island 75% (Triple religion, Christian 12%, Muslim 10%, other 3%)
  12. Sri Lanka 65% (Theraveda,Muslim 15%, Hindu 12.5%, Christian 7.5%)
  13. Republic of China (Taiwan)35.1-75% ("Triple religion", Christian 4%, other 2%)
  14. Singapore 33-44% ("Triple religion" 33% Buddhist, 11% Taoist)
  15. Japan 20-45%(Shinto with Mahayana) (20% to 45% believe in Buddha)
  16. Malaysia 23% (Muslim 60.3%, "Triple religion", Christian 9%, Hindu 6%, other 1.7%)
  17. South Korea 22.8%(Mahayana with Confucianist, Christian 29%, other)
  18. Brunei 15% (Muslim 67%, "Triple religion", Christian 10%, other 8%)
  19. Nepal 11.4% (Hindu 80.6%, Tibetian Buddhist, Muslim 4%, other 4%)

Remarks: "Triple religion" (or "Chinese-Mahayana Buddhism" or "Far East Asian Buddhism") is the mixture of Mahayana Buddhism, with Taoism and Confucianism. Because officially Communist governments that often forcibly suppressed religious expressions still rule a number of traditionally Buddhist countries, and because Buddhists often practice other traditional East Asian religions, the figures could be much higher in these regions. Mahayana Buddhism in Far East Asian countries has a very wide meaning. That is why in such countries as China, Japan, Vietnam, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the three religions of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are often all considered at once. This is referred to as a "Triple religion", with Gautama Buddha in the center, Laozi in the left, and Confucius in the right. In some regions, such as Japan, belief systems vary with differing emphasis on Shintoism, as well as Ancestor Worship. As such, the Buddhist population is difficult to gauge exactly, but is often nominal. The lesser percentage given is a number of Buddhists who have taken the formal step of going for refuge. And the wider percentage given are informal/nominal adherents of combined Buddhism with its related religions. See Buddhism by country and Irreligion.

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