List of Red Vs. Blue Characters - The Insurrection - Insurrectionist Demo Man

Insurrectionist Demo Man

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Voice Actor: Brandon Farmahini
  • Armor Color: Black with Red Trim
  • Appearances: Project Freelancer
  • Status: Alive

The Insurrectionist Demo Man is a high-ranking member of the Insurrection. He first appears in Chapter 2 of Season 9 appearing to be in charge of the Bjørdinal Cryogenics Research Facility . When North and South Dakota infiltrate the base to steal a data file, the Demo Man, along with dozens of other Insurrectionist soldiers, manage to surround the two freelancers on a heli-pad. He controls a turret and demands the two return the file, however Carolina appears and knocks him down and the three Freelancers proceed to fight the Insurrectionists. While they are fighting, the Demo Man manages to get back on the turret and heavily injure North, before Carolina sends him, along with other soldiers, into the water below. However, the Demo Man manages to fall onto a small ledge and escape the facility before it explodes.

He reappears in a building the Freelancers are infiltrating. When York accidentally triggers an alarm, the Demo Man sends a squad to kill the Freelancers. In the following chapter, he, along with dozens of Insurrectionists and Hornets, surround Carolina, Tex, York and Washington on top of the building. He demands York to disarm Tex's bomb, but York reveals it isn't a bomb but a transmitter. York hands the Demo Man the transmitter, who looks up just as a MAC round crushes the building.

He later reappears in Season 10, Chapter 7, revealing he survived the events of the previous season. He watches C.T. arrive at the Insurrection base. In a battle between the Insurrection and the Freelancers, he drives a Warthog, while the Female Soldier uses the turret. When Carolina tackles the Female Soldier off and prepares to shoot her, he blocks the bullets with the Warthog and lifts his arm out of the Warthog to shoot his shotgun, revealing he now needs a robotic arm after the previous seasons events. When Maine joins the fight, the Demo Man rams Maine with his Warthog only for Maine to destroy it. He, once again, saves the Female from Carolina's plasma gun and manages to do impressive feats with his new arm, such as catching a grenade from Maine's Brute Shot and punching down Maine and Carolina. Eventually, Maine throws the blade of the Brute Shot to slice his arm off, then shoots at his feet to knock him into the water.

In a deleted scene of Season 10, it is revealed that he was washed up on a beach after the battle at Longshore and he now has lost both arms. Then, he swears that he will have his revenge on Project Freelancer.

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