List of Recurring Alien Characters in Stargate SG-1

List Of Recurring Alien Characters In Stargate SG-1

This is a list of recurring alien characters in the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1.

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List Of Recurring Alien Characters In Stargate SG-1 - Other Recurring Characters
... who also played Ally in the S02E10"Bane") (season 5) – A young girl whom SG-1 discovers in season 1's "Singularity" as the sole survivor of a biological ... to evolve into a hok'taur (an advanced human being), but SG-1 makes a deal with Nirrti to save Cassandra's life ... Travelling from the year 1969 to several decades into the future, SG-1 meets Cassandra as an old woman in season 2's "1969", who helps them return to ...

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