List of Rampage Killers - Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Only the first 15 entries are shown here. For the entire list see: Home intruders, List of familicides, familicides in the United States and familicides in Europe.

This section contains cases that could be considered non-public, which means mass murders perpetrated in a domestic environment. The section is divided into two sub-categories; the first encompasses the lists of familicides and contains those incidents where most of the victims were relatives of the perpetrator, while the second, paraphrased as home intruders, contains those cases where the targeted families were not related to the perpetrator.

Perpetrator Date Year Location Country Killed Injured W Additional Notes Ref.
1. Simmons, Ronald Gene, 47 12.22 Dec. 22-28 1987 Russellville, AR U.S. 16 04 4 FM Sentenced to death and executed
2. Mohammad Zaman, 30 09.25 Sep. 25 2009 Ghola Afghanistan 15 0.0 ? F Committed suicide
3. Unknown 11.23 Nov. 23 1936 Maropally India 14 02 2 M Arrested Vic: two wives, three children, nine other relatives, two others
4. Banks, George Emil, 40 09.25 Sep. 25 1982 Wilkes-Barre, PA U.S. 13 01 1 F Sentenced to death
5. Liu Aibing, 34 12.12 Dec. 12 2009 Yinshanpai China 13 01 1 FMA Sentenced to death and executed
5.9 Gz 06.32 1969.9 Hz Chz 6.9 0.01 Zz
6. Guo Zhongmin, 36 02.18 Feb. 18 2003 Yangxiaoxiang China 13 0.1 0 M Committed suicide
7. Saeed Qashash, 19 06.10 June 10 1998 Amman Jordan 12 0.1 0 F Sentenced to death and executed
8. Jia Yingmin, 40 10.06 Oct. 6 2000 Kunlong China 12 0.1 0 M Committed suicide
9. Augusto, Pedro 08.00 Aug. 1900 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 12 ? FM Arrested
10. Abbas Khan 09.00 Sep. 1896 Jabbar India 11 02 2 M Arrested
10.9 Mz 09.32 1999.9 Oz Lz 7.9 0.19 Zz
11. Andangan 10.21? Oct. 21 1921 Cotabato Philippines 11 0.1 0 M Committed suicide
12. Ruppert, James Urban, 40 03.30 March 30 1975 Hamilton, OH U.S. 11 0.1 0 F Sentenced to eleven consecutive life terms
13. Jalal Osman Khoja, 40 12.26 Dec. 26 2000 Jeddah Saudi Arabia 11 0.1 0 F Committed suicide
14. Abdul Emir Khalaf Sabhan 08.26 Aug. 26 2003 Baghdad Iraq 11 0.1 0 F Committed suicide
15. Kido, Kumatarō, 36
Tani, Yagorō
05.25 May 25 1893 Osaka Japan 10-11 0.1 0 FM Both committed suicide

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