List of Punahou School Alumni - Notable Former Faculty and Staff

Notable Former Faculty and Staff

  • Nick Bozanic — former English teacher, winner of Anhinga Prize for Poetry for The Long Drive Home
  • Edward Lane-Reticker — former Latin and Greek teacher, directed banking and law centers at Boston University
  • Tom Haine — coach, 1968 US Olympic volleyball captain
  • Henry Wells Lawrence — former Computing teacher, commanded 339th Fighter Squadron in World War II, one of the first US pilots in the air during Attack on Pearl Harbor; Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart
  • Queenie B. Mills — former Director of Kindergarten, University of Illinois Head of Human Development Department, helped design the Head Start Program and programs for animal visits to nursing home residents
  • Duncan Macdonald — coach, 1976 Olympian
  • Susan Tolman Mills — former principal, founder of Mills College
  • Barbara Perry — 1968 teacher, Olympian
  • Sharon Peterson — coach, 1964, 1968 Olympian
  • Lillian "Pokey" Watson (Richardson) — trustee, 1964 Olympic gold medalist (youngest female US gold in swimming), 1968 gold medalist
  • Willard Warch — former schoolmaster, Professor of Music at Oberlin College, author of texts such as Music for Study and Beethoven's Use of Intermediate Keys, World War II Army Air Corps Band

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