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  • Comstock Prize in Physics – Awarded about every five years (National Academy of Sciences)
  • Dannie Heineman Prize for Astrophysics (American Astronomical Society and the American Institute of Physics)
  • Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics (American Physical Society and the American Institute of Physics)
  • Dirac Prize – There are four prizes with similar names. The "Dirac Medal of the ICTP" is given each year by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). The "Paul Dirac Medal and Prize" is awarded annually by the Institute of Physics for "outstanding contributions to theoretical (including mathematical and computational) physics", "The Dirac Medal and Lecture (University of New South Wales)", and "Dirac Medal of the WATOC"
  • Fundamental Physics Prize – endowed by Yuri Milner in 2012
  • Henry Draper Medal – Astrophysics (National Academy of Sciences)
  • Hughes Medal – Electricity and magnetism (Royal Society of London)
  • Infosys Prize in Physical Sciences – Physics, chemistry, and Earth science (Infosys Science Foundation)
  • J. Tuzo Wilson Medal – Geophysics (Canadian Geophysical Union)
  • Lorentz Medal – Awarded every four years to a scientist in recognition of important contributions to theoretical physics
  • Matteucci Medal – Awarded each year to a physicist for fundamental contributions in the progress of science
  • Max Planck Medal – For extraordinary achievements in theoretical physics
  • Nobel Prize in Physics (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
  • Otto Hahn Prize – Awarded by the German Chemical Society, the German Physical Society and the City of Frankfurt/Main
  • Sakurai Prize (American Physical Society)
  • Wolf Prize in Physics (Wolf Foundation)

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Famous quotes containing the word physics:

    The pace of science forces the pace of technique. Theoretical physics forces atomic energy on us; the successful production of the fission bomb forces upon us the manufacture of the hydrogen bomb. We do not choose our problems, we do not choose our products; we are pushed, we are forced—by what? By a system which has no purpose and goal transcending it, and which makes man its appendix.
    Erich Fromm (1900–1980)

    Now the twitching stops. Now you are still. We are through with physiology and theology, physics begins.
    Alfred Döblin (1878–1957)

    It is hardly to be believed how spiritual reflections when mixed with a little physics can hold people’s attention and give them a livelier idea of God than do the often ill-applied examples of his wrath.
    —G.C. (Georg Christoph)