List of Private Spaceflight Companies - Propulsion Manufacturers

Propulsion Manufacturers

Company name Engine Engine type Applications Ref
Ad Astra Rocket Company VASIMR magnetoplasma may be used for future Mars missions
AE Aerospace HIRE hybrid ion rocket
AE Aerospace Scearamjet Electric Scramjet
American Rocket Company hybrid rocket The company became insolvent and was shut down in May 1996. Its lineage is part of SpaceShipOne.
ARCA Executor (rocket engine) Liquid Oxygen/RP-1 IAR 111, Haas 2, Haas 2b, Super Haas
The Elwing Company Electrodeless Plasma Thruster Electric Propulsion may be used for future explorations missions
Firestar Technologies
Reaction Engines Ltd. SABRE precooled air-breathing rocket planned to be used in Skylon
Sierra Nevada Corporation RocketMotorTwo hybrid rocket SpaceShipTwo
SpaceDev hybrid rocket SpaceShipOne
SpaceX Kestrel (rocket engine) Liquid Oxygen/RP-1 Falcon 1 second stage
SpaceX Merlin (rocket engine) Liquid Oxygen/RP-1 Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Falcon 9 Heavy first stage
SpaceX Merlin Vacuum Liquid Oxygen/RP-1 Falcon 9, Falcon 9 Heavy second stage
SpaceX Raptor (rocket stage) Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Hydrogen As of July 2009, some preliminary concept work was being done.

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