List of Prime Ministers of Canada By Date of Death

List Of Prime Ministers Of Canada By Date Of Death

This is a complete list of Canadian Prime Ministers by date of death. As of December 2010, there are six living former Prime Ministers (John Turner, Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark and Kim Campbell, in order from oldest to youngest), as well as the incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

OD = Order of Death OO = Order of Office Age = Age at death
OD Name Date of
OO Cause of death Age Place of death
Place of burial
1 John A. Macdonald June 6, 1891 1 stroke 76 Ottawa, Ontario
Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario
2 Alexander Mackenzie April 17, 1892 2 stroke from a fall hitting his head 70 Toronto, Ontario
Lakeview Cemetery Sarnia, Ontario
3 John Abbott October 30, 1893 3 brain cancer 72 Montreal, Quebec
Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec
4 John Thompson December 12, 1894 4 heart attack 49 Windsor Castle, England
Holy Cross Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
5 Charles Tupper October 30, 1915 6 natural causes 94 Bexleyheath, Kent, England
St. John's Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
6 Mackenzie Bowell December 10, 1917 5 natural causes 93 Belleville, Ontario
Belleville Cemetery, Belleville, Ontario
7 Wilfrid Laurier February 17, 1919 7 stroke 77 Ottawa, Ontario
Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario
8 Robert Borden June 10, 1937 8 coronary thrombosis 82 Ottawa, Ontario
Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario
9 R. B. Bennett April 22, 1947 11 heart attack 76 Mickleham, England
St. Michael's Churchyard, Mickleham, England
10 W. L. Mackenzie King July 22, 1950 10 pneumonia 75 Wright County, Quebec
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
11 Arthur Meighen August 5, 1960 9 natural causes 86 Toronto, Ontario
St. Marys Cemetery, St. Marys, Ontario
12 Lester B. Pearson December 27, 1972 14 Cancer 75 Ottawa, Ontario
MacLaren Cemetery, Wakefield, Quebec
13 Louis St. Laurent July 25, 1973 12 natural causes 91 Quebec City, Quebec
St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery, Compton, Quebec
14 John Diefenbaker August 16, 1979 13 natural causes 83 Ottawa, Ontario
Diefenbaker Centre, University of Saskatchewan
15 Pierre Trudeau September 28, 2000 15 Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer 80 Montreal, Quebec
St-Remi-de-Napierville Cemetery, Saint-Rémi, Quebec

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List Of Prime Ministers Of Canada By Date Of Death - Facts
... Macdonald and John Thompson were the only Prime Ministers to die in office ... Three Prime Ministers have died outside of Canada, all in Britain ... Richard Bennett is the only PM to die and be buried outside of Canada ...

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