List of Podgorica Neighbourhoods and Suburbs

List Of Podgorica Neighbourhoods And Suburbs

Below is a list of selected neighbourhoods and suburbs of Montenegrin capital of Podgorica. Note that there are many different interpretations on boundaries and existence of certain neighbourhoods, as neighbourhood is not an administrative category, but unofficial geographical notion.

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List Of Podgorica Neighbourhoods And Suburbs - Tuški Put
... Tuški put is a neighbourhood located east of 4th July street and south of Bracana Bracanovića street ... Tuški put is a mixed commercial-residential neighbourhood, and was the location of the largest open marketplace in Podgorica ... City of Podgorica Urban municipalities Golubovci Tuzi Neighborhoods Centar Konik Preko Morače Stara Varoš Stari Aerodrom Vrela Ribnička Zabjelo Geography Cijevna Mareza Morača Ribnica Sitnica Zeta Zeta plain ...

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