List of Players With Five or More Goals in An NHL Game

List Of Players With Five Or More Goals In An NHL Game

This is a list of games in which a player has scored five or more goals in a National Hockey League game. Scoring five or more goals in a single game is considered a great feat, as only 44 players in the history of the league have accomplished it. The most recent player to do so was Johan Franzen, who scored five goals for the Detroit Red Wings on February 2, 2011, against the Ottawa Senators.

Scoring five or more goals in a single NHL game is an extremely rare feat which has only been accomplished 60 times. One player—Joe Malone—has scored seven goals in a game. Seven different players have scored six goals in a game and 40 individual players have scored five goals in a game. Only two players have scored six or more goals after 1967. Joe Malone—ranked second for most career goals of any player in major hockey's first half-century—scored five goals in a game on five separate occasions, of which one was a six-goal game, and another an NHL-record seven-goal game.

Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux each attained the feat four times while five other players have also had multiple five-goal games. There have been exactly five instances of five goals being scored in a playoff game. Mario Lemieux is the only player in history to score five goals in five different ways during a game. On December 31, 1988, he scored an even-strength goal, a power-play goal, a short handed goal, a penalty shot goal and an empty net goal.

Ian Turnbull is the only defenseman to have achieved this feat.

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