List of Placenames in Hampshire County, West Virginia - Hampshire County Placenames

Hampshire County Placenames

Placename Class Latitude Longitude USGS Map Elevation (Ft)
Abernathy Run Stream 392619N 0784028W Springfield 597
Allen Run Stream 392257N 0784603W Headsville 778
Arnold Ford Crossing 391341N 0782728W Capon Springs 827
Augusta Populated Place 391743N 0783816W Augusta 1296
Augusta Elementary School School 391735N 0783825W Augusta 1325
Augusta Post Office Post Office 391753N 0783756W Augusta 1220
Bache Post Office (historical) Post Office Hanging Rock
Baker Mountain Summit 390945N 0783325W Yellow Spring 2024
Barnes Mill Populated Place 392104N 0783811W Augusta 919
Barnes Mills Post Office (historical) Post Office Augusta
Beall Spring Spring 391252N 0783300W Yellow Spring 1325
Bear Garden Mountain Summit 391953N 0782342W Capon Bridge 1572
Bear Ridge Summit 390805N 0782817W Capon Springs 1598
Bearwallow Creek Stream 391841N 0783729W Hanging Rock 1207
Beaver Run Stream 392332N 0785056W Headsville 699
Bell Hollow Valley 391806N 0783931W Augusta 1047
Belt Post Office (historical) Post Office Augusta
Bens Knob Summit 391528N 0783133W Hanging Rock 2028
Bens Knob Lookout Tower Locale 391528N 0783133W Hanging Rock 2028
Bethel Cemetery Cemetery 391707N 0784329W Augusta 1493
Bethel Church Church 391054N 0784336W Rio 1526
Bethel Church Church 391706N 0784327W Augusta 1483
Bethel Church Church 392953N 0782947W Largent 594
Bethel Schoolhouse (historical) School 391057N 0784333W Rio 1509
Bethesda Church (historical) Church 391545N 0784848W Romney 738
Big Hollow Valley 390809N 0782631W Capon Springs 2123
Big Ridge Ridge 390637N 0783756W Baker 1975
Big Run Stream 392150N 0784521W Romney 620
Big Run Stream 393228N 0782632W Paw Paw 492
Bills Pond Lake 392613N 0782109W Ridge 2533
Birch Hollow Valley 392513N 0783513W Levels 833
Bird Ridge Ridge 392822N 0783529W Levels 1132
Bitner Spring Spring 392005N 0783004W Hanging Rock 866
Bloomery Populated Place 392313N 0782223W Ridge 1027
Bloomery Magisterial District Civil 392353N 0782542W Largent 692
Bloomery Post Office Post Office 392306N 0782220W Ridge 1020
Bloomery Presbyterian Church Church 392314N 0782225W Ridge 1030
Bloomery Run Stream 392408N 0782501W Largent 679
Bloomery School (historical) School 392206N 0782224W Gore 1168
Blue Ford Crossing 392932N 0783631W Levels 564
Blues Beach Populated Place 392533N 0784255W Springfield 650
Boone Farms Lake Dam Dam 391812N 0783859W Augusta 1165
Bore Spring Spring 392006N 0782527W Capon Bridge 781
Bowers Run Stream 392706N 0782513W Largent 604
Braddock School (historical) School 392456N 0783002W Levels 1263
Branch Mountain Methodist Church Church 392507N 0783913W Springfield 925
Brights Hollow Valley 393123N 0783124W Oldtown 558
Brights Hollow School (historical) School Oldtown
Broad Hollow Valley 393157N 0784211W Patterson Creek 633
Broad Run Stream 392511N 0784505W Headsville 650
Broadway School (historical) School 392048N 0782123W Gore 1142
Brushy Ridge Ridge 391520N 0783459W Hanging Rock 1286
Brushy Run Stream 391240N 0785117W Sector 778
Bryn School (historical) School 391550N 0783936W Augusta 1384
Bubbling Spring Spring 391515N 0782727W Capon Bridge 827
Bubbling Spring Populated Place 391515N 0782729W Capon Bridge 843
Buck Ridge Ridge 392732N 0784303W Springfield 1148
Buffalo Creek Stream 392232N 0784425W Springfield 646
Buffalo Gap Camp Locale 392006N 0782731W Capon Bridge 1056
Buffalo Gap Spring Spring 392000N 0782724W Capon Bridge 958
Buffalo Run Stream 391549N 0784926W Romney 679
Butchers Knob Summit 391731N 0782942W Capon Bridge 1788
Cacapehon Populated Place 392954N 0782943W Largent 564
Cacapon Mountain Ridge 392637N 0782049W Ridge 2618
Cacapon Mountain Summit 391140N 0783132W Yellow Spring 1893
Cacapon River Stream 393713N 0781658W Great Cacapon 420
Camp Green Briar Locale 391311N 0782724W Capon Springs 1010
Camp Rim Rock Locale 391228N 0782935W Capon Springs 892
Camp Run Stream 391840N 0784102W Augusta 1115
Camp Run Stream 391715N 0785325W Burlington 837
Camp Tall Timbers Locale 391236N 0782744W Capon Springs 1112
Camp White Mountain Locale 391345N 0782759W Capon Springs 925
Camp White Rock Locale 391640N 0782647W Capon Bridge 820
Capon Bridge Populated Place 391753N 0782610W Capon Bridge 797
Capon Bridge Elementary School School 391807N 0782611W Capon Bridge 837
Capon Bridge Junior High School School 391757N 0782609W Capon Bridge 823
Capon Bridge Normal School (historical) School Capon Bridge
Capon Bridge Post Office Post Office Capon Bridge
Capon Bridge Public Library Building Capon Bridge
Capon Chapel Church 391611N 0782640W Capon Bridge 853
Capon Chapel Cemetery Cemetery 391611N 0782638W Capon Bridge 866
Capon Chapel Church of the Brethren Church 392706N 0783226W Levels 738
Capon Lake Populated Place 390921N 0783216W Yellow Spring 928
Capon Lake Farm Spring Spring 390915N 0783223W Yellow Spring 968
Capon Magisterial District Civil 391138N 0783001W Yellow Spring 876
Capon School School 391127N 0782719W Capon Springs 1230
Capon Springs Populated Place 390810N 0782904W Capon Springs 1152
Capon Springs Spring 390745N 0782821W Capon Springs 1463
Capon Springs Post Office Post Office 390825N 0782912W Capon Springs 1234
Capon Springs Run Stream 390930N 0783204W Yellow Spring 892
Capon Springs Station (historical) Populated Place 390904N 0783109W Yellow Spring 942
Castle Mountain Summit 392337N 0782507W Largent 1260
Castle Rock Pillar 392254N 0782544W Largent 1070
Castle Run Stream 392401N 0782541W Largent 679
Central School (historical) School 391522N 0783548W Hanging Rock 1335
Central United Methodist Church Church 391645N 0783038W Hanging Rock 1480
Cherry Hill Summit 392924N 0783224W Levels 1152
Chestnut Grove School (historical) School 392020N 0784308W Augusta 1473
Chestnut Oak Ridge Ridge 392011N 0783702W Hanging Rock 1696
Chimney Hollow Valley 392928N 0783108W Levels 633
Chine Spring Knob Summit 392044N 0782031W Gore 1306
Christian Church Church 391334N 0782604W Capon Springs 1165
Church of Christ Church 392041N 0784519W Romney 823
Cleveland School (historical) School 392604N 0783706W Levels 1201
Cleveland School (historical) School 391856N 0784244W Augusta 1591
Clifford Parker Spring Spring 391901N 0784929W Romney 886
Cold Spring Spring 391027N 0782958W Capon Springs 1020
Cold Spring Spring 390924N 0783214W Yellow Spring 928
Cold Stream Stream 392023N 0782558W Capon Bridge 781
Cold Stream Populated Place 392022N 0782631W Capon Bridge 892
Cold Stream Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Bridge
Cold Stream Run Spring Spring 392006N 0782657W Capon Bridge 892
Cold Stream School (historical) School 391942N 0782554W Capon Bridge 801
Concord Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Springs
Cooper Mountain Summit 391528N 0783133W Hanging Rock 2028
Corduroy Hollow Valley 393030N 0783843W Patterson Creek 640
Core Run Stream 391938N 0784748W Romney 745
Cornwell School School 392655N 0783552W Levels 1250
Cornwell School (historical) School 392255N 0784007W Springfield 1388
Craig Spring Spring 392006N 0783003W Hanging Rock 846
Creekvale Populated Place 392549N 0783304W Levels 722
Creekvale Post Office (historical) Post Office Levels
Critton Post Office (historical) Post Office Largent
Critton Run Stream 392756N 0782429W Largent 581
Critton School (historical) School 392728N 0782732W Largent 1099
Crooked Run Stream 392359N 0782617W Largent 679
Crooked Run Stream 392508N 0783407W Levels 774
Crooked Run Stream 391310N 0782833W Capon Springs 837
Crooked Run Lake Dam Dam 391230N 0782759W Capon Springs 1020
Daisy Baker Spring Spring 391514N 0782732W Capon Bridge 892
Darbys Nose Summit 392029N 0782530W Capon Bridge 1234
Davey School (historical) School 391538N 0784348W Augusta 1470
Davis Ford Populated Place 391147N 0783002W Yellow Spring 856
Davy Post Office (historical) Post Office Burlington
Deep Run Stream 390947N 0783813W Rio 1017
Deep Run School (historical) School 390949N 0783814W Rio 1030
Delray Populated Place 391140N 0783615W Yellow Spring 1001
Delray Post Office Post Office 391140N 0783616W Yellow Spring 1010
Denver School (historical) School 391255N 0784053W Rio 1401
Devil Hole Run Stream 391314N 0785111W Sector 741
Devils Backbone Ridge 392051N 0783016W Hanging Rock 856
The Devils Nose Ridge 393032N 0782833W Paw Paw 1037
Dewey School (historical) School 392337N 0783816W Springfield 1047
Diamond Ridge Ridge 392259N 0782313W Largent 1726
Dillons Mountain Summit 391147N 0783142W Yellow Spring 1913
Dillons Run Stream 391752N 0782608W Capon Bridge 810
Dillons Run (historical) Populated Place 391410N 0783049W Yellow Spring 1079
Dillons Run Post Office (historical) Post Office Yellow Spring
Donaldson Populated Place 392951N 0783916W Springfield 650
Donaldson Post Office (historical) Post Office Springfield
Donaldson School (historical) School 392926N 0783939W Springfield 663
Dry Gap Gap 390634N 0782841W Mountain Falls 2113
Dry Run Stream 391821N 0784813W Romney 659
Dry Run Stream 390905N 0783111W Yellow Spring 932
Dug Hill Run Stream 392809N 0783124W Levels 646
Dug Hill School (historical) School 392740N 0783055W Levels 784
Dumpling Run Stream 392007N 0784835W Romney 722
Dunmore Ridge Ridge 391601N 0783529W Hanging Rock 1401
Dutch Hollow Valley 390355N 0783949W Baker 1158
Dutch Lick School (historical) School 392350N 0783547W Levels 866
Eagle Rock Summit 390654N 0782728W Mountain Falls 2618
Ebenezer Church Church 391948N 0784223W Augusta 1453
Edwards Run Stream 391957N 0782528W Capon Bridge 768
Edwards Run Wildlife Management Area Park 391921N 0782616W Capon Bridge 820
Elijah High Cemetery Cemetery 391718N 0785331W Burlington 853
Elkhorn Lake Dam Dam 391406N 0783659W Yellow Spring 1421
Elkhorn Run Stream 391257N 0783515W Yellow Spring 932
Elmlick Run Stream 391511N 0785454W Burlington 915
Emboden School (historical) School 392233N 0783513W Levels 1220
Eubulus Church Church 392823N 0782441W Largent 823
Everett Fruit Farm Spring Spring 391630N 0784414W Augusta 2215
Extract Post Office (historical) Post Office Sector
Fairview Church Church 391839N 0784348W Augusta 1572
Fairview Mountain Summit 391701N 0785018W Romney 2323
Falling Run Stream 391055N 0783020W Yellow Spring 863
Falling Spring Run Stream 392724N 0782332W Yellow Spring 587
Ferndale Farms Recreation Lake Reservoir 392735N 0783617W Levels 725
Ferndale Farms Recreation Lake Dam Dam 392736N 0783617W Levels 709
Flat Ridge Ridge 390819N 0783733W Rio 1883
Ford Hill Summit 391446N 0784005W Rio 1421
Fordhill Post Office (historical) Post Office Rio
Forest Glen Church Church 393101N 0783805W Patterson Creek 597
Forks of Cacapon Locale 392424N 0782551W Largent 718
Forks of Cacapon Post Office (historical) Post Office Largent
Forks of Capon School (historical) School Largent
Fort Capon (historical) Military (Historical) Largent
Fort Cox (historical) Military (Historical) Paw Paw
Fort Edwards (historical) Military (Historical) Capon Bridge
Fort Furman (historical) Military (Historical) Springfield
Fort Mackeys (historical) Military (Historical) Capon Bridge
Fort Mill Ridge Wildlife Management Area Park 391930N 0784727W Romney 951
Fort Parker (historical) Military (Historical) Springfield
Fort Pearsall (historical) Military (Historical) 392035N 0784600W Romney 823
Fox Farm Spring Spring 392301N 0784548W Headsville 948
Fox Run Stream 392405N 0784449W Springfield 623
Frenchburg Populated Place 391855N 0783938W Augusta 1010
Frog Hollow Valley 392005N 0782630W Capon Bridge 853
Furnace School (historical) School 392435N 0782356W Largent 781
Gap Run Spring Spring 390800N 0783847W Rio 1467
George Washington National Forest Forest 383001N 0790959W Brandywine 2894
Georges Peak Summit 392121N 0782721W Capon Bridge 1726
Gibbons Run Stream 392012N 0783122W Hanging Rock 801
Ginnevan Cemetery Cemetery 393007N 0782916W Paw Paw 646
Glebe (historical) Populated Place 391200N 0785133W Sector 876
Glebe Post Office (historical) Post Office Sector
Glenwood School (historical) School 391625N 0782550W Capon Bridge 945
Good Populated Place 392127N 0782140W Gore 1158
Good Post Office (historical) Post Office Gore
Gore Magisterial District Civil 392314N 0783403W Levels 1083
Grace Populated Place 392550N 0784248W Springfield 630
Grassy Lick Run Stream 390855N 0784307W Rio 1322
Grassy Lick School School 391105N 0784343W Rio 1526
Graybill Hollow Valley 392506N 0783452W Levels 791
Green Spring Populated Place 393154N 0783659W Oldtown 551
Green Spring Spring 393141N 0783618W Oldtown 623
Green Spring Elementary School (historical) School 393140N 0783711W Oldtown 548
Green Spring Post Office Post Office Oldtown
Green Spring Ridge Ridge 393119N 0783812W Patterson Creek 866
Green Spring Run Stream 393158N 0783619W Oldtown 522
Greenwood Hollow Valley 392856N 0783959W Springfield 712
Gunbarrel Hollow Valley 391417N 0783007W Yellow Spring 984
Haines Store (historical) Locale 392130N 0783401W Hanging Rock 1243
Hainesville Post Office (historical) Post Office Levels
Hampshire Club (historical) Locale 391715N 0784840W Romney 702
Hampshire County Career Training Center School 391933N 0784158W Augusta 1434
Hampshire County Courthouse Building 392032N 0784522W Romney 873
Hampshire County Spring Spring 391527N 0785701W Burlington 1099
Hampshire Memorial Hospital Hospital 392103N 0784528W Romney 768
Hampshire Senior High School School 391933N 0784156W Augusta 1430
Hanging Rock Locale 391557N 0783227W Hanging Rock 948
Hanging Rock Post Office (historical) Post Office Hanging Rock
Hannums Mills Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Springs
Harding Spring Spring 391708N 0783356W Hanging Rock 1145
Harness Run Stream 390750N 0783252W Yellow Spring 906
Hawk Campground Locale 390659N 0782956W Mountain Falls 1381
Hawk Run Stream 390823N 0783217W Yellow Spring 902
Heare Cemetery Cemetery 391048N 0784309W Rio 1496
Hebron Church Church 390903N 0783230W Yellow Spring 909
Henderson Hollow Valley 391602N 0783257W Hanging Rock 896
Hiett Run Stream 392014N 0783028W Hanging Rock 794
Hiett Spring Spring 391838N 0782658W Capon Bridge 912
Higginsville Populated Place 392505N 0783447W Levels 774
Higginsville Post Office (historical) Post Office Levels
High Knob Summit 391157N 0785357W Old Fields 2648
High Point Summit 392636N 0782048W Ridge 2618
High Spring Spring 391341N 0785502W Old Fields 1040
High View Populated Place 391350N 0782430W Capon Springs 1263
High View Post Office Post Office Capon Springs
Highview School (historical) School 391732N 0784344W Augusta 1621
Himmelwright Run Stream 390808N 0782854W Capon Springs 1175
Hoffman Hollow Valley 392807N 0783138W Levels 699
Holiness Church Church 391840N 0784059W Augusta 1073
Hooks Mills Populated Place 391431N 0782749W Capon Springs 889
Hooks Mills Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Springs
Hopewell School (historical) School 391852N 0783514W Hanging Rock 1240
Hopkins Lick Run Stream 392703N 0783223W Levels 705
Hopkins Lick School (historical) School 392704N 0783224W Levels 725
Horn Camp Run Stream 390918N 0784514W Sector 1407
Horn Camp School (historical) School 391042N 0784619W Sector 1654
Horsebone Hollow Valley 392551N 0782314W Largent 1020
Horselick Run Stream 391808N 0785226W Romney 807
Hotts Chapel Church 391232N 0784406W Rio 1657
Hotts Chapel Cemetery Cemetery 391235N 0784402W Rio 1699
Hoy Populated Place 391904N 0783307W Hanging Rock 1260
Hoy Post Office (historical) Post Office Hanging Rock
Hoy School (historical) School 391928N 0783250W Hanging Rock 1217
Huffman Spring Spring 392919N 0783927W Springfield 656
Ice Mountain Summit 392148N 0782801W Capon Bridge 1489
Ice Mountain Spring Spring 392029N 0782941W Capon Bridge 840
Independence School (historical) School 391743N 0783203W Hanging Rock 978
Indian Mound Cemetery Cemetery 392033N 0784557W Romney 820
Intermont Populated Place 390846N 0783249W Yellow Spring 906
Intermont Post Office (historical) Post Office Yellow Spring
Island Hill Church Church 392418N 0782621W Largent 856
Island Ridge Ridge 391458N 0785046W Sector 1138
Ivy Run Stream 392436N 0782404W Largent 758
Jericho (historical) Populated Place 391242N 0782529W Capon Springs 1398
Jericho Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Springs
Jersey School (historical) School 392237N 0783850W Springfield 1240
Johns Run Stream 392539N 0784255W Springfield 614
Johnson Populated Place 391632N 0784932W Romney 741
Johnson Hollow Valley 393000N 0782849W Largent 791
Junction Populated Place 391847N 0785146W Romney 820
Junction Post Office Populated Place Romney
Kale Hollow Valley 391522N 0782733W Capon Bridge 820
Kedron School (historical) School 392113N 0783251W Hanging Rock 1161
Kern Hollow Valley 393201N 0783909W Patterson Creek 561
Kerns School (historical) School 392553N 0784435W Springfield 951
Kincade School (historical) School 392840N 0784239W Springfield 1102
Kirby Populated Place 391058N 0784334W Rio 1512
Kirby Post Office Post Office 391057N 0784333W Rio 1509
Kuykendalls Fort (historical) Military (Historical) Romney
L Ridge Ridge 391122N 0782836W Capon Springs 1247
L Ridge School (historical) School 391142N 0782752W Capon Springs 1125
Lafollettsville Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Springs
Lapley Hollow Valley 393043N 0782936W Paw Paw 525
Largent Populated Place 392840N 0782256W Largent 591
Lehew Populated Place 391157N 0782617W Capon Springs 1414
Lehew Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Springs
Leith Mountain Summit 392117N 0782415W Capon Bridge 1591
Levels Populated Place 392904N 0783313W Levels 1207
Levels Elementary School (historical) School 392853N 0783329W Levels 1194
Levels Post Office Post Office Levels
Lick Run Stream 391113N 0783644W Yellow Spring 958
Little Cacapon Populated Place 393056N 0782939W Paw Paw 535
Little Cacapon Church Church 391930N 0783909W Augusta 971
Little Cacapon Mountain Summit 392100N 0783637W Hanging Rock 1575
Little Cacapon River Stream 393106N 0782938W Paw Paw 499
Little Devil Hole Run Stream 391208N 0784953W Sector 1063
Loman Branch Stream 391214N 0782947W Capon Springs 840
Long Meadow Run Stream 392028N 0784834W Romney 768
Long Run Stream 392321N 0784534W Headsville 745
Loom Populated Place 391643N 0783041W Hanging Rock 1473
Loom Post Office (historical) Post Office Hanging Rock
Maple Run Stream 392047N 0783055W Hanging Rock 774
Mayhew Run Stream 392116N 0784802W Romney 846
McDowell Run Stream 391902N 0784736W Romney 640
Meadow Run Stream 390853N 0784155W Rio 1243
Mechanicsburg Populated Place 392007N 0784837W Romney 732
Mechanicsburg School (historical) School 392056N 0784811W Romney 823
Mill Branch Stream 391724N 0782612W Capon Bridge 794
Mill Creek Stream 392008N 0784704W Romney 702
Mill Creek Magisterial District Civil 391643N 0785324W Burlington 899
Mill Creek Mountain Ridge 391735N 0784958W Romney 2119
Mill Creek School School 391427N 0785519W Old Fields 948
Mill Run Stream 391808N 0784805W Romney 659
Millbrook Populated Place 391259N 0783250W Yellow Spring 1276
Millbrook Post Office (historical) Post Office Yellow Spring
Millbrook School (historical) School Yellow Spring
Millen Populated Place 393106N 0783748W Patterson Creek 584
Miller Hollow Valley 393122N 0783141W Oldtown 548
Milleson Populated Place 392744N 0784111W Springfield 778
Millesons Mill Populated Place 392625N 0784027W Springfield 607
Moores Run Stream 390612N 0783433W Wardensville 932
Mount Olive Church Church 391535N 0782941W Capon Bridge 1188
Mountain Spring Spring 390745N 0782824W Capon Springs 1398
Mudlick Run Stream 390835N 0785541W Old Fields 755
Nathaniel Mountain Summit 391233N 0784741W Sector 2739
Nathaniel Mountain Lookout Tower Tower 391157N 0784727W Sector 2989
Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Management Area Park 391321N 0784728W Sector 1929
Neals Run Populated Place 392900N 0782947W Largent 801
Neals Run Post Office (historical) Post Office Largent
Nero (historical) Populated Place 391032N 0782619W Capon Springs 1194
Nero Post Office (historical) Post Office Capon Springs
North Branch Potomac River Stream 393142N 0783515W Oldtown 518
North Fork Little Cacapon River Stream 391855N 0783927W Augusta 1001
North River Stream 392433N 0782515W Largent 666
North River Mills Populated Place 392011N 0783011W Hanging Rock 814
North River Mills Post Office (historical) Post Office Hanging Rock
North River Mills School (historical) School Hanging Rock
North River Mills United Methodist Church Church 392010N 0783007W Hanging Rock 820
North River Mountain Summit 391059N 0783531W Yellow Spring 2149
North Texas School (historical) School 391307N 0783637W Yellow Spring 1161
Okonoko Populated Place 393123N 0783131W Oldtown 584
Okonoko Church Church 393004N 0783346W Oldtown 1070
Okonoko Post Office (historical) Post Office Oldtown
Old Man Run Stream 391504N 0782718W Capon Bridge 801
Old Pine Church Church 391255N 0785533W Old Fields 1155
Old Romney Grade Trail 392424N 0782027W Ridge 1197
Pancake Populated Place 391529N 0785002W Romney 758
Pancake Post Office (historical) Post Office Romney
Pancake School (historical) School 391807N 0784759W Romney 682
Parks Valley Valley 391734N 0782807W Capon Bridge 1007
Pin Oak Populated Place Largent
Pine Draft Run Stream 391734N 0783255W Hanging Rock 856
Pine Mountain Summit 392121N 0782721W Capon Bridge 1726
Pleasant Dale Populated Place 391739N 0783510W Hanging Rock 1060
Pleasant Grove Church Church 391842N 0782241W Capon Bridge 1106
Points Populated Place 392624N 0783637W Levels 1099
Points Post Office Post Office 392619N 0783636W Levels 1063
Pot Lick Run Stream 390856N 0784438W Rio 1375
Purgitsville Populated Place 391421N 0785516W Old Fields 951
Purgitsville Post Office Post Office 391422N 0785515W Old Fields 965
Purgitsville School (historical) School Old Fields
Queen of Gore School (historical) School 392243N 0783308W Levels 1260
Queens Ridge Ridge 392503N 0783310W Levels 1322
Racey Cemetery Cemetery 391029N 0782643W Capon Springs 1375
Rada Populated Place 391626N 0785448W Burlington 896
Rada Post Office (historical) Post Office Burlington
Rada School (historical) School Burlington
Raven Rocks Summit 392015N 0782948W Capon Bridge 1234
Raven Rocks Populated Place 392640N 0784047W Springfield 656
Raven Rock Spring Spring 392629N 0784041W Springfield 614
Ridgedale Populated Place 392441N 0784405W Springfield 653
Ridgedale School (historical) School 391646N 0784200W Augusta 1440
Riggs Hollow Valley 392002N 0782955W Capon Bridge 846
Rio Populated Place 390818N 0784012W Rio 1132
Rio Elementary School (historical) School 390820N 0784011W Rio 1125
Rio Post Office Post Office 390827N 0784023W Rio 1152
Romney Populated Place 392031N 0784524W Romney 876
Romney Christian Church Church 392039N 0784534W Romney 820
Romney Church of the Nazarene Church 392048N 0784531W Romney 797
Romney Classical Institute (historical) School 392021N 0784502W Romney 869
Romney Elementary School School 392037N 0784552W Romney 837
Romney Junction (historical) Locale 392125N 0784530W Romney 689
Romney Junior High School School 392040N 0784550W Romney 814
Romney Magisterial District Civil 391801N 0784749W Romney 768
Romney Post Office Post Office Romney
Romney Spring Spring 391943N 0784811W Romney 1030
Ruckman Populated Place 391358N 0784134W Rio 1460
Ruckman Post Office (historical) Post Office Rio
Russell Ridge Ridge 393045N 0783244W Oldtown 1060
Saint James Cemetery Cemetery 391245N 0783221W Yellow Spring 1293
Saint Lukes Church Church 391309N 0785110W Sector 764
Salem Church Church 392324N 0783306W Levels 1152
Sandy Hollow Valley 391936N 0782448W Capon Bridge 797
Sandy Hollow School (historical) School 391718N 0785334W Burlington 869
Sandy Ridge Ridge 391921N 0782822W Capon Bridge 1683
Sandy Ridge Church Church 392023N 0782738W Capon Bridge 1358
Sandy Ridge School (historical) School 392027N 0782732W Capon Bridge 1352
Sawmill Run Stream 391327N 0785117W Sector 689
Schaffenaker Mountain Summit 391637N 0782821W Capon Bridge 1493
Sector Populated Place 391341N 0785121W Sector 741
Sector Post Office (historical) Post Office Sector
Sedan Populated Place 391406N 0783424W Yellow Spring 951
Sedan Post Office (historical) Post Office Yellow Spring
Sedan School (historical) School Yellow Spring
Shady Grove School (historical) School 391939N 0784356W Augusta 1037
Shanks Populated Place 391851N 0784116W Augusta 1115
Shanks Post Office Post Office 391848N 0784110W Augusta 1096
Shanks Roadside Park Park 391859N 0784129W Augusta 1207
Shanty Hollow Valley 393052N 0782803W Paw Paw 698
Shawan Run Stream 392103N 0783818W Augusta 906
Sherman Magisterial District Civil 391347N 0784018W Rio 1306
Shiloh (historical) Populated Place 391057N 0782554W Capon Springs 1224
Shiloh Church Church 391147N 0782624W Capon Springs 1362
Shiloh School (historical) School 392512N 0783727W Levels 1135
Short Hollow Valley 392821N 0784107W Springfield 820
Short Mountain Summit 390549N 0784433W Baker 2864
Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area Park 391133N 0784011W Rio 2067
Shuller Mill (historical) Locale Yellow Spring
Sideling Hill Ridge 393152N 0782349W Paw Paw 2021
Slanes Knob Summit 391940N 0782713W Capon Bridge 1588
Slanesville Populated Place 392223N 0783122W Hanging Rock 1178
Slanesville Elementary School School 392214N 0783151W Hanging Rock 1201
Slanesville Post Office Post Office 392223N 0783124W Hanging Rock 1191
Slanesville Presbyterian Church Church 392229N 0783125W Hanging Rock 1214
Slate Lick Knob Summit 392521N 0784724W Headsville 1713
Smith Hollow Valley 393032N 0782931W Paw Paw 535
South Branch Locale 393120N 0783427W Oldtown 558
South Branch Mountain Ridge 391139N 0784745W Sector 3028
South Branch Post Office (historical) Post Office Oldtown
South Branch Potomac River Stream 393142N 0783515W Oldtown 518
South Branch School (historical) School 391933N 0784750W Romney 741
South Fork Little Cacapon River Stream 391855N 0783927W Augusta 1001
Sperry Run Stream 390810N 0783916W Rio 1089
Spring Gap Gap 392627N 0782942W Largent 1614
Spring Gap (historical) Populated Place 392527N 0783149W Levels 1073
Spring Gap Church Church 392612N 0783035W Levels 1286
Spring Gap Mountain Summit 392727N 0782853W Largent 2215
Spring Gap Post Office (historical) Post Office Levels
Spring Mountain Summit 390659N 0782824W Mountain Falls 2418
Springfield Populated Place 392702N 0784137W Springfield 735
Springfield Academy (historical) School Springfield
Springfield Greenspring Elementary School School 392700N 0784148W Springfield 771
Springfield Magisterial District Civil 392737N 0783946W Springfield 1155
Springfield Post Office Post Office 392647N 0784151W Springfield 774
Springfield Spring Spring 392626N 0784039W Springfield 610
Springfield Valley Valley 392702N 0784111W Springfield 699
Springfield Wildlife Management Area Park 392755N 0783919W Springfield 1539
Staacks Gap Gap 390755N 0783857W Rio 1444
Stonewall School (historical) School 391903N 0783751W Augusta 1296
Stony Mountain Summit 391501N 0784317W Augusta 2274
Stony Post Office (historical) Post Office Augusta
Stony Run Stream 391507N 0785019W Romney 679
Stony Run Stream 393014N 0783416W Oldtown 525
Stuart Hollow Valley 391559N 0783230W Hanging Rock 938
Stump Run Stream 391936N 0784711W Romney 640
Sugar Grove School (historical) School 391425N 0784247W Rio 1447
Sugar Run Stream 392001N 0784840W Romney 741
Sulphur Spring Run Stream 392050N 0784548W Romney 696
Swisher Hollow Valley 392648N 0784041W Springfield 653
Taylor Knob Summit 391425N 0785256W Old Fields 1726
Taylor School (historical) School 392745N 0783741W Springfield 768
Tear Coat Church Church 391751N 0783606W Hanging Rock 1070
Tearcoat Creek Stream 391756N 0783308W Hanging Rock 843
The Lock Locale 392738N 0782047W Ridge 2329
Thrasher Knob Summit 391305N 0785354W Old Fields 2142
Three Churches Populated Place 392403N 0783915W Springfield 1306
Three Churches Post Office Post Office 392408N 0783914W Springfield 1299
Three Churches Run Stream 392333N 0783601W Springfield 814
Timber Mountain Summit 391822N 0783012W Hanging Rock 1765
Timber Mountain School (historical) School 391744N 0783025W Hanging Rock 1601
Timber Ridge Ridge 392155N 0781948W Gore 1355
Titus Run Stream 391938N 0784908W Romney 738
Town Hill Ridge 392616N 0783450W Levels 1329
Trinity Church Church 391822N 0785135W Romney 869
Trinton Hollow Valley 392151N 0783718W Hanging Rock 879
The Trough Valley 391325N 0785127W Sector 728
Turkeyfoot Run Stream 391709N 0783537W Hanging Rock 1033
Union Church Church 391228N 0783545W Yellow Spring 958
Union Church (historical) Church 391752N 0783659W Hanging Rock 1184
Union School (historical) School 391855N 0785207W Romney 850
Valley Mountain Summit 392850N 0783859W Romney 1437
Valley Post Office (historical) Post Office Romney
Vance Populated Place 392241N 0784419W Springfield 650
Vanderlip Post Office (historical) Post Office Romney
Victory School (historical) School 392753N 0782449W Largent 650
Victory School (historical) School 392510N 0783155W Levels 1112
Victory School (historical) School 391537N 0783745W Augusta 1204
Vinita School (historical) School 392458N 0783355W Levels 801
Wacousta Hill Summit 391300N 0783614W Yellow Spring 1276
Walnut Grove School (historical) School 392016N 0782457W Capon Bridge 889
Walnut Grove School (historical) School 391800N 0784004W Augusta 1089
Wappocomo Populated Place 392342N 0784405W Springfield 646
Wappocomo Post Office (historical) Post Office Springfield
Warden Lake Wildlife Management Area Park 390801N 0783553W Yellow Spring 1286
Watson School (historical) School 391422N 0784116W Rio 1555
Wergman Run Stream 392016N 0784634W Romney 640
West Romney Station (historical) Locale 392014N 0784704W Romney 699
West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind School 392021N 0784502W Romney 869
Wickham Populated Place 391244N 0785206W Sector 768
Willow Tree School (historical) School 392052N 0784116W Augusta 1365
Wolf Hollow Valley 392710N 0782536W Largent 604
Wood School (historical) School 391238N 0785116W Sector 787
Woodlawn School (historical) School 392018N 0783553W Hanging Rock 1332
Woodrow Populated Place 392957N 0782611W Largent 1014
Woodrow Cemetery Cemetery 392959N 0782618W Largent 1083
Woodrow School School 392938N 0782611W Largent 1086
Woodrow Union Church Church 392957N 0782611W Largent 1014
Yellow Spring Populated Place 391056N 0783034W Yellow Spring 896
Yellow Spring Spring 391120N 0783117W Yellow Spring 1299
Yellow Spring Gap Gap 391115N 0783104W Yellow Spring 1201
Yellow Spring Post Office Post Office 391057N 0783028W Yellow Spring 889
Youngsly Mill (historical) Locale Capon Bridge
Zoar Church Church 391458N 0784018W Rio 1457

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