List of Philippine Basketball Association Champions - Champions By Season - 1993–2002: Marquez and Bernandino Years

1993–2002: Marquez and Bernandino Years

Season Conference Champion Series Runner-Up Third place Winning coach
1992 First Conference Shell 4–1 San Miguel Alaska Rino Salazar
All-Filipino San Miguel 4–3 Purefoods Swift Norman Black
Third Conference Swift 4–0 7-Up Ginebra Yeng Guiao
1993 All-Filipino Coney Island 4–2 San Miguel Swift Chot Reyes
Commissioner's Swift 4–2 Purefoods San Miguel Yeng Guiao
Governors San Miguel 4–1 Swift Sta. Lucia Norman Black
1994 All-Filipino San Miguel 4–2 Coney Island Alaska Norman Black
Commissioner's Purefoods 4–1 Alaska Swift Chot Reyes
Governors Alaska 4–2 Swift Pepsi Tim Cone
1995 All-Filipino Sunkist 4–3 Alaska Sta. Lucia Derrick Pumaren
Commissioner's Sunkist 4–2 Alaska Sta. Lucia Derrick Pumaren
Governors Alaska 4–3 San Miguel Sunkist Tim Cone
1996 All-Filipino Alaska 4–1 Purefoods San Miguel Tim Cone
Commissioner's Alaska 4–3 Shell Sta. Lucia Tim Cone
Governors Alaska 4–1 Ginebra Shell Tim Cone
1997 All-Filipino Purefoods 4–2 Gordon's Sta. Lucia Eric Altamirano
Commissioner's Gordon's 4–2 Alaska San Miguel Robert Jaworski
Governors Alaska 4–1 Purefoods San Miguel Tim Cone
1998 All-Filipino Alaska 4–3 San Miguel Pop Cola Tim Cone
Commissioner's Alaska 4–2 San Miguel Pop Cola Tim Cone
Centennial* Mobiline 1–0 Shell Pop Cola Eric Altamirano
Governors Shell 4–3 Mobiline Purefoods Perry Ronquillo
1999 All-Filipino Shell 4–2 Tanduay Barangay Ginebra Perry Ronquillo
Commissioner's San Miguel 4–2 Shell Alaska Jong Uichico
Governors San Miguel 4–2 Alaska Tanduay Jong Uichico
2000 All-Filipino Alaska 4–1 Purefoods Tanduay Tim Cone
Commissioner's San Miguel 4–1 Sta. Lucia Alaska Jong Uichico
Governors San Miguel 4–1 Purefoods Red Bull Jong Uichico
2001 All-Filipino San Miguel 4–2 Barangay Ginebra Pop Cola Jong Uichico
Commissioner's Red Bull 4–2 San Miguel Alaska Yeng Guiao
Governors Sta. Lucia 4–2 San Miguel Shell Norman Black
2002 Governors Purefoods 4–3 Alaska Coca-Cola Ryan Gregorio
Commissioner's Red Bull 4–3 Talk 'N Text San Miguel Yeng Guiao
All-Filipino Coca-Cola 3–1 Alaska San Miguel Chot Reyes

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