List of People With Surname Weeks

Weeks is a surname. For information on the surname itself, see Weeks (surname). Some notable people with the name Weeks are:

  • Alan Weeks (1923–1996), British television sports reporter and commentator
  • Bert Weeks, mayor of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, from 1975 to 1982
  • Bob Weeks (born 1960), editor of Scoregolf magazine
  • Brent Weeks, writer of fantasy books including best-selling The Night Angel trilogy.
  • David Weeks (politician), former Conservative Leader of Westminster City Council
  • Don Weeks, longtime host of the WGY Morning News in Schenectady, New York
  • Edgar Weeks (1839–1904), military officer, judge and politician from Michigan
  • Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 – 1903), American artist
  • Ezra Weeks, builder who served as a witness in a sensationalized murder trial
  • Hilary Weeks, singer/songwriter of faith-based music
  • Honeysuckle Weeks (born 1979), British actress, best known for her starring role as Samantha Stewart in the British TV series Foyle's War
  • Jeffrey Weeks (mathematician)
  • Jeffrey Weeks (sociologist)
  • Jemile Weeks, Major League Baseball second baseman for the Oakland Athletics, brother of Rickie Weeks
  • John W. Weeks (1860–1926), American politician in the Republican Party
  • Kent R. Weeks (born 1941), American Egyptologist
  • Laurie Weeks (writer), writer and performer based in New York City
  • Lee Weeks, American comic book artist and penciller
  • Levi Weeks (1776–1819), the accused in the infamous Manhattan Well Murder trial of 1800
  • Orlando Weeks (born 1983), lead singer and guitarist of London-based band The Maccabees
  • Perdita Weeks (born 1985), British actress
  • Rickie Weeks (born 1982), Major League Baseball second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, brother of Jemile Weeks
  • Rollo Weeks (born 1987), British actor
  • Russ Weeks (born 1942), former Republican State Senator from West Virginia
  • Sinclair Weeks (1893–1972), United States Secretary of Commerce under Dwight Eisenhower
  • Steve Weeks (born 1958), retired ice hockey goaltender
  • Theophilus Weeks (1708–1772), soldier in the French and Indian War and founder of Swansboro, North Carolina
  • William Henry Weeks (1864–1936), American architect who designed many public buildings in California
  • Willie Weeks (born 1947), American bassist
  • Thom Weeks (born 1987) Gnarwolves frontman
  • Herschel Weeks (born 1951), California, University Professor, International Leader in Agriculture Development,

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