List of Pennsylvania Locations By Per Capita Income

List Of Pennsylvania Locations By Per Capita Income

Pennsylvania locations by per capita income is a list of all incorporated areas and census-designated places in Pennsylvania ranked from highest capita income to lowest per capita income. There are many communities not on the list because they are neither incorporated nor a census-designated place. If a place cannot be located, try looking it up under the township in which it is located.

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List Of Pennsylvania Locations By Per Capita Income - 2501-2924
2501 Juniata Terrace, Pennsylvania $14,398 2502 Sykesville, Pennsylvania $14,398 2503 West Taylor Township, Pennsylvania $14,396 2504 Mifflintown, Pennsylvania $14,394 2505 ... Michael-Sidman, Pennsylvania $13,914 2609 Eyers Grove, Pennsylvania $13,906 2610 Mann Township, Pennsylvania $13,893 2611 Reilly Township, Pennsylvania $13,888 2612 ... Clair Township, Pennsylvania $13,440 2699 Upper Tyrone Township, Pennsylvania $13,439 2700 York, Pennsylvania $13,439 2701 Hastings, Pennsylvania $13,429 2702 ...

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