List of Operating Lighthouses in Florida

There are a number of lighthouses still in operation in the U. S. state of Florida; many others have been destroyed, abandoned, or converted to other uses, such as museums or marine science laboratories.

Name Location Height
above water
Alligator Reef Light E of Indian Key
Near the Upper and Lower Matecumbe Keys
7002136000000000000136 feet (41 m) 24°51′6″N 80°37′6″W / 24.85167°N 80.61833°W / 24.85167; -80.61833 (Alligator Reef Light)
Amelia Island Light Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island
At the mouth of the St. Mary's River
7002107000000000000107 feet (33 m) 30°40′23.46″N 81°26′32.8″W / 30.6731833°N 81.442444°W / 30.6731833; -81.442444 (Amelia Island Light)
American Shoal Light E of the Saddlebunch Keys
Close to Looe Key
7002109000000000000109 feet (33 m) 24°31′30″N 81°31′12″W / 24.52500°N 81.52000°W / 24.52500; -81.52000 (American Shoal Light)
Boca Grande Light Rear S Gasparilla Island
On the Boca Grande Pass
7002105000000000000105 feet (32 m) 26°43′02″N 82°15′39″W / 26.71722°N 82.26083°W / 26.71722; -82.26083 (Boca Grande Light Rear)
Cape Canaveral Light 1 mile (1.6 km) inland on Cape Canaveral 7002137000000000000137 feet (42 m) 28°27′37.26″N 80°32′36.42″W / 28.4603500°N 80.5434500°W / 28.4603500; -80.5434500
Cape Florida Light Cape Florida, S Key Biscayne 700195000000000000095 feet (29 m) 25°39′59.72″N 80°09′21.47″W / 25.6665889°N 80.1559639°W / 25.6665889; -80.1559639 (Cape Florida Light)
Cape San Blas Light Cape San Blas SW of Port St. Joe 7002101000000000000101 feet (31 m) 29°40′16.41″N 85°21′22.72″W / 29.6712250°N 85.3563111°W / 29.6712250; -85.3563111 (Cape San Blas Light)
Carysfort Reef Light 6 miles (9.7 km) E of Key Largo 7002100000000000000100 feet (30 m) 25°13′18″N 80°12′42″W / 25.22167°N 80.21167°W / 25.22167; -80.21167 (Carysfort Reef Light)
Cosgrove Shoal Light 10 miles (16 km) WSW of Key West
S of the Marquesas Keys
700149000000000000049 feet (15 m) 24°27′28.44″N 82°11′6.16″W / 24.4579000°N 82.1850444°W / 24.4579000; -82.1850444
Crooked River Light Dog Island off Carrabelle 7002115000000000000115 feet (35 m) 29°49′39″N 84°42′04″W / 29.82750°N 84.70111°W / 29.82750; -84.70111 (Crooked River Light)
Dry Tortugas Light Loggerhead Key, Dry Tortugas
3 miles (4.8 km) W of Fort Jefferson
7002151000000000000151 feet (46 m) 24°38′00″N 82°55′12″W / 24.63333°N 82.92000°W / 24.63333; -82.92000 (Dry Tortugas Light)
Egmont Key Light N Egmont Key, Tampa Bay
Across from Fort De Soto Park
700185000000000000085 feet (26 m) 27°36′03″N 82°45′39″W / 27.60083°N 82.76083°W / 27.60083; -82.76083 (Egmont Key Light)
Fowey Rocks Light 7 miles (11 km) SE of Cape Florida on Key Biscayne 7002110000000000000110 feet (34 m) 25°35.4′N 80°05.8′W / 25.5900°N 80.0967°W / 25.5900; -80.0967 (Fowey Rocks Light)
Hillsboro Inlet Light N Hillsboro Inlet, near Hillsboro Beach 7002136000000000000136 feet (41 m) 26°15′33″N 80°04′51″W / 26.25917°N 80.08083°W / 26.25917; -80.08083 (Hillsboro Inlet Light)
Jupiter Inlet Light N Jupiter Inlet, Jupiter 7002146000000000000146 feet (45 m) 26°56′55″N 80°04′55″W / 26.94861°N 80.08194°W / 26.94861; -80.08194 (Jupiter Inlet Light)
Key West Light Whiteheads Point, Key West 700191000000000000091 feet (28 m) 24°33′2.16″N 81°48′2.52″W / 24.5506000°N 81.8007000°W / 24.5506000; -81.8007000 (Key West Light)
Molasses Reef Light 8 miles (13 km) SE of Key Largo 700145000000000000045 feet (14 m) 25°00′42.66″N 80°22′35.31″W / 25.0118500°N 80.3764750°W / 25.0118500; -80.3764750
Pacific Reef Light 3 miles (4.8 km) SE of Elliott Key 700145000000000000045 feet (14 m) 25°22′15.55″N 80°08′31.41″W / 25.3709861°N 80.1420583°W / 25.3709861; -80.1420583
Pensacola Light Entrance to Pensacola Bay, Pensacola 7002191000000000000191 feet (58 m) 30°20′47″N 87°18′29″W / 30.34639°N 87.30806°W / 30.34639; -87.30806 (Pensacola Light)
Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Ponce Inlet, N of New Smyrna Beach 7002159000000000000159 feet (48 m) 29°04′49″N 80°55′41″W / 29.08028°N 80.92806°W / 29.08028; -80.92806 (Ponce de Leon Inlet Light)
Port Boca Grande Light Boca Grande Pass entrance
to the Charlotte Harbor estuary
Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island
700141000000000000041 feet (12 m) 26°43′02″N 82°15′39″W / 26.71722°N 82.26083°W / 26.71722; -82.26083 (Port Boca Grande Light)
Pulaski Shoal Light 30 miles (48 km) NW of Key West
North of the Dry Tortugas
700149000000000000049 feet (15 m) 24°41′36.02″N 82°46′22.79″W / 24.6933389°N 82.7729972°W / 24.6933389; -82.7729972
Rebecca Shoal Light 10 miles (16 km) W of the Marquesas Keys 700166000000000000066 feet (20 m) 24°34′42″N 82°35′06″W / 24.57833°N 82.58500°W / 24.57833; -82.58500 (Rebecca Shoal Light)
Sand Key Light 8 miles (13 km) miles SW of Key West
Adjacent to the Southwest Channel
7002109000000000000109 feet (33 m) 24°27′14″N 81°52′39″W / 24.45389°N 81.87750°W / 24.45389; -81.87750 (Sand Key Light)
Sanibel Island Light E end of Sanibel Island 700198000000000000098 feet (30 m) 26°27′10.51″N 82°00′51.32″W / 26.4529194°N 82.0142556°W / 26.4529194; -82.0142556 (Sanibel Island Light)
Smith Shoal Light 11 miles (18 km) NNW of Key West 700149000000000000049 feet (15 m) 24°43′5.82″N 81°55′17.54″W / 24.7182833°N 81.9215389°W / 24.7182833; -81.9215389
Sombrero Key Light Near Key Vaca in Marathon 7002142000000000000142 feet (43 m) 24°37′40.46″N 81°06′41.78″W / 24.6279056°N 81.1116056°W / 24.6279056; -81.1116056 (Sombrero Key Light)
St. Augustine Light N Anastasia Island, St. Augustine 7002161000000000000161 feet (49 m) 29°53′08″N 81°17′19″W / 29.88556°N 81.28861°W / 29.88556; -81.28861 (St. Augustine Light)
St. George Light St. George Island, Apalachicola Bay 700172000000000000072 feet (22 m) 29°35′15.2″N 85°02′49.32″W / 29.587556°N 85.0470333°W / 29.587556; -85.0470333 (Cape St. George Light)
St. Johns Light 0.75 miles (1.21 km) S of the mouth of the St. Johns River
Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville
700183000000000000083 feet (25 m) 30°23′10″N 81°23′53″W / 30.38611°N 81.39806°W / 30.38611; -81.39806 (St. Johns Light)
St. Marks Light On mouth of St. Marks River, St. Marks
on Apalachee Bay
700182000000000000082 feet (25 m) 30°04′19″N 84°10′48″W / 30.07194°N 84.18000°W / 30.07194; -84.18000 (St. Marks Light)
Tennessee Reef Light S of Long Key 700149000000000000049 feet (15 m) 24°44′45.88″N 80°46′56.47″W / 24.7460778°N 80.7823528°W / 24.7460778; -80.7823528

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