List of Old Oundelians - Science and Medicine

Science and Medicine

  • Michael Ashby, neurologist, witness in John Bodkin Adams case
  • Sir Cyril Clarke, physician
  • Richard Dawkins, ethologist, evolutionary biologist and science writer
  • Charles Fagge, surgeon
  • Sir Alister Hardy, marine biologist
  • John B. Harman, former chairman of the British National Formulary
  • Richard Keynes, physiologist
  • Clive Minton, ornithologist
  • David Nabarro, senior UN system coordinator
  • Joseph Needham, biochemist
  • Robin Nicholson, metallurgist, Chief Scientific Advisor to cabinet

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Famous quotes containing the words medicine and/or science:

    No medicine in the world can do thee good;
    In thee there is not half an hour’s life.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    May we not assure ourselves that whatever woman’s thought and study shall embrace will thereby receive a new inspiration, that she will save science from materialism, and art from a gross realism; that the “eternal womanly shall lead upward and onward”?
    Louisa Parsons Hopkins, U.S. scientist and author. As quoted in The Fair Women, ch. 16, by Jeanne Madeline Weimann (1981)