List of Old Falconians - Politics, Law and Religion

Politics, Law and Religion

  • Mark Aarons, political adviser to NSW Labor Premier, his activism started at NSBHS in the mid-1960s especially in organising students to protest the Vietnam War, his 1986 ABC radio documentary series ‘Nazis in Australia’ prompted the Hawke government’s inquiry into war criminals and formation of Special Investigations Unit, author of five books and many feature articles for Australia’s leading newspapers;
  • Justice Colin Allen, Judge of NSW Supreme Court, Master of Supreme Court 1979–86;
  • John Armitage OAM, Deputy Speaker of the Australian Parliament, Federal Member for Mitchell (1961–63) and Chifley (1969–83);
  • Michael Baume, MHR (Lib) (1975–1983), NSW Senator (1985–1996);
  • Professor Peter Baume AC, NSW Senator (Lib) (1974–1991), Federal Health Minister (1982), Chancellor of Australian National University (1994–2005);
  • Justice Colin Begg QC, at the time of his death in 1984 was the longest-serving Judge of NSW Supreme Court, Chief Judge at Common Law 1983-84 (also attended Sydney Grammar School);
  • John Bradford (Captain of School 1963), Queensland MHR (Lib) for McPherson;
  • Justice John Brownie QC, Judge of NSW Supreme Court;
  • Justice Robert Buchanan, Judge of Federal Court of Australia;
  • Leslie Caplan AO, elected Head of Australian Jewry, one of the founders of Masada College;
  • Sir Vernon Christie Kt, Speaker of Victorian Parliament (1967–73);
  • Peter Coleman, NSW MLA (Lib) (1968–1978), Leader of the NSW Opposition (1977–1978), MHR (Lib) (1981–1987), editor of The Bulletin;
  • Justice Richard Conti, Judge of Federal Court of Australia;
  • Judge Theo Conybeare QC, Chairman of Workers' Compensation Commission;
  • Judge Roger Court QC, the first person to hold office as The Crown Advocate of New South Wales;
  • Philip Dart, President of Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT 1994/1995;
  • Justice Arthur Emmett, Judge of Federal Court of Australia;
  • Clive Evatt (Junior), Barrister, doyen of defamation list in Sydney Bar, owner of Hogarth Galleries (of art), founder of Leuralla Toy Museum in the Blue Mountains;
  • Justice Phillip Evatt DSC, Judge of the Federal Court of Australia from 1977 to 1987, Head of the Royal Commission into the Use of Chemical Agents in Vietnam from 1983 onwards;
  • Dr Michael Fullilove (Captain and Dux of School 1989), Rhodes Scholar, adviser to Prime Minister Paul Keating, Director of Global Issues Program at Lowy Institute for International Policy, columnist for various publications;
  • Right Rev Eric Austin Gowing, seventh Anglican Bishop of Auckland, New Zealand;
  • Peter Derwent one of Ku-ring-gai Council's longest serving Mayors – serving as a Ku-ring-gai councillor representing Gordon ward between 1983 and 1995. He was elected to four successive terms as Mayor between 1991 and 1995, making him one of the longest serving mayors in Ku-ring-gai’s history. He was also Deputy Mayor in 1985 and 1986.
  • Judge Peter Grogan of the District Court (Captain of School 1951), Chancellor of Anglican Diocese of Sydney;
  • Hugh Hudson, SA MHA (ALP) (1965–1979), former Deputy Premier of South Australia;
  • Sir Alan Hulme KBE, Postmaster-General in the Australian Government, Minister for Supply, President of Queensland Division of Liberal Party of Australia;
  • Justice Francis Hutley QC, of the NSW Court of Appeal, "As a judge he was relentless in his pursuit and exposure of error, whether from a lower court or in the legal submissions being presented to him";
  • Noel Hutley SC, barrister, "one of the most sought after Sydney silks. Mr Hutley has been involved in the high profile C7 case which featured Seven Group Holdings boss Kerry Stokes. He has also acted for Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan against the Australian Crime Commission" (son of Francis Hutley );
  • Justice Gregory James QC, Commissioner of NSW Law Reform Commission, former Judge of NSW Supreme Court;
  • Right Rev Clive Kerle, Bishop of Armidale;
  • Sir Frank Kitto, Justice of the High Court (1950–1970), Chancellor of University of New England;
  • Justice David Levine, Supreme Court judge, Head of Defamation List in NSW Supreme Court, Head of Board of Enquiry into Black Hawk helicopter crash off Fiji;,;
  • Most Rev Sir Marcus Loane KBE, First Australian born Anglican Archbishop of the Diocese of Sydney (1966–1982), also Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia (1978–1981) (also attended King's School) ;
  • Justice John McClemens, KCSG, Supreme Court Justice for 24 years, Former Chief Judge at common law;
  • Professor Edward McWhinney QC, Canadian academic lawyer, Professor of International Law at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, former Member of Canadian Parliament, authority on space law and constitutional law, awarded the Aristotle Medal by the Greek Government in 1997 "for his contribution to the progress of science, free thought and intellectual development";
  • Justice Francis Marks, Deputy President of Australian Industrial Relations Commission;
  • Justice Athol Moffitt CMG, Supreme Court judge for 22 years, former President of NSW Court of Appeal, Chair of the landmark 1973–74 Moffitt Royal Commission, which investigated organised crime in New South Wales,author of A Quarter to Midnight;
  • Justice Sir John Moore AC, President of Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Commission;
  • Rev Winston O'Reilly OBE, President-General of the Methodist Church of Australia 1972–74; former Principal of Methodist Ladies College, Burwood, second President of the Assembly Uniting Church in Australia
  • Hon. Frederick Meares Osborne, MHR, President of the NSW Liberal Party (1967–1970), held various Federal Ministries (1956–1961);
  • Rev Professor David Peterson, Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, London;
  • Howard Purnell AM QC, the first person appointed as Senior Public Defender in NSW (1969–83), the first barrister to argue and win two High Court appeals on the same day, President of Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences, World War Two fighter-bomber pilot who flew 33 missions over Europe, the first Western Allied officer to enter Hitler’s bunker in 1945 (from which he souvenired the ornamental door handles), co-author of standard text Criminal Law in NSW: Vol I – Indictable Offences;
  • Michael Richardson, NSW MLA (Lib), Shadow Minister for the Environment;
  • Tim Robertson SC (Captain of School 1976), barrister, civil libertarian, co-founder of Australian Privacy Foundation;
  • Most Rev Donald Robinson AO, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney (also attended SCEGS);
  • Hugh Walker Robson QC, Judge of the New South Wales District Court and Chairman of the Court of Quarter Sessions, his divorced wife Anne remarried to become Lady Kerr, wife of the Governor-General Sir John Kerr
  • Judge John Roder AM, Judge of the District Court of South Australia from 1970 to 1994, in 1967 he was appointed the first Chairman of the SA Planning Appeals Board, has co-authored planning and environmental law textbooks (also attended Adelaide High School);
  • Justice David Roper, Chief Judge in Equity in NSW Supreme Court, Deputy Chancellor of University of Sydney;
  • Tom Roper, Victorian MLA (ALP), Victorian Treasurer (1990–1992);
  • Kerry Sibraa, NSW Senator (ALP) (1976–1994), President of Australian Senate (1987–1994);
  • Dr Hugo Storey, Senior Immigration Judge of the United Kingdom; joint author of Immigration and the Welfare State, Asylum Law;
  • James Udy OAM was an Australian Uniting Church minister, Master of Wesley College at the University of Sydney, author and President of the World Methodist Historical Society. Author of Paul: A Conflux of Streams and Church Union in Australia;
  • James Whittem OAM, Member of Legislative Council of Northern Territory, Director of Animal Industry in NT, Scientific Attaché in the Australian Embassy in Washington (1974-76), leader of the team that eradicated pleuropneumonia in beef cattle in Australia in 1967, awarded The Gilruth Prize by Australian Veterinary Association in 2011, autobiography titled Veteran and Veterinarian;
  • Professor Ted Wolfers CMG, CSM, adviser to the Papua New Guinea Government, Assisted in negotiations of Bougainville Peace Accord;

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