List of Mountains in Bali - B


  • Gunung Batukaru, sometimes spelled Batukau, is Bali's second-highest mountain at 2,276 m. It is the highest peak in the Bedugul volcanic area, but is dormant. Batukaru is worshipped by the Balinese, and has a temple, Pura Luhur Batukaru, devoted to it. Batukaru is relatively unpopular with climbers as it is covered in a dense forest which restricts views. Batukaru has a large crater, the largest on Bali, but this crater is open at the southern end, allowing the river Mawa to escape. It is this that gives it the name "Batukaru", which means "coconut shell" in Balinese
  • Gunung Batur is a small stratovolcano in north-central Bali. It has several craters, and is 1,717 m in height. Batur lies within a large caldera, the remains of a cataclysmic prehistoric eruption of a volcano that was once over 4,000 m in height. Batur remains active to this day and has erupted over 20 times in the last two centuries. Major eruptions have occurred in 1917, 1926 and 1963 (the same year as Agung's major eruption), making Batur Bali's most active volcano. Batur is a popular trekking mountain among tourists, as its peak is free from forest cover, offers spectacular views and is easily accessible. The term "Batur" often refers to the entire caldera, including Gunung Abang, Bali's third-highest peak, which is situated along the rim.

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