List of Miss Earth Runners-up and Finalists

Miss Earth is the only universal pageant that has specific title and crown for each runner-up. To distinguish the runners-up at the national competition from the global level, Miss Earth international edition has included the title "Miss Earth" before the names of the element - Air, Water and Fire - in the sash of runners-up; for example, "Miss Earth-Air."

Year MISS EARTH Miss Air (1st Runner-up) Miss Water (2nd Runner-up) Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up)
2001 Catharina Svensson Simone Régis Margarita Kravtsova Daniela Stucan
2002 Džejla Glavović Winfred Adah Omwakwe Sladjana Bozovic Juliana Patricia Drossou
2003 Dania Prince Priscila Poleselo Zandoná Marianela Zeledón Bolaños Marta Matyjasik
2004 Priscilla Meirelles Murielle Celimene Stéphanie Lesage Yanina González
2005 Alexandra Braun Waldeck Amell Santana de Jesús Katarzyna Borowicz Jovana Marjanovic
2006 Hil Yesenia Hernández Amruta Patki Catherine Untalan Marianne Puglia
2007 Jessica Trisko Pooja Chitgopekar Silvana Santaella Ángela Gómez Durán
2008 Karla Paula Henry Miriam Odemba Abigail Elizalde Tatiane Alves
2009 Larissa Ramos Sandra Inez Seifert Jessica Barboza Alejandra Echevarria
2010 Nicole Faria Viktoria Shchukina Watsaporn Wattanakoon Yeidy Bosques
2011 Olga Álava Drielly Bennettone Athena Mae Imperial Caroline Medina
2012 Tereza Fajksová Stephany Stefanowitz Osmariel Villalobos Camilla Brant


  • In 2001 edition, the title of 1st runner up was Miss Wind.
  • In 2002 edition, Džejla Glavović of Bosnia and Herzegovina was dethroned. Winfred Adah Omwakwe from Kenya took over the title as Miss Earth 2002.
  • In 2010 edition, Jennifer Pazmiño of Ecuador was dethroned. Viktoria Shchukina from Russia took over the title as Miss Air 2010.

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