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Boomer was found floating adrift in the episode "Jinxed", the only episode in which he has a speaking part, by the Star tugs Ten Cents and Sunshine where he revealed he was a jinx, which Ten Cents was very sceptical about. After many incidents including almost sinking and his engine failing then catching fire, Ten Cents finally believed that he had a bad luck streak. After he was repaired at Lucky's Yard, Captain Star decided that Boomer was to become a house boat, and he now resides at an upriver jetty, "Dun Tuggin" where he can relax all day, and the jinx has finally left him.

Boomer was originally called Captain Harry, and he says that he became jinxed when his name was changed to Boomer. Boomer was the only tug except from the initial seven to become a Star Tug during the series, even if it was only for a very short period. He was also briefly a Z-Stack, when he helped Zip and Zug pull some munitions, but after the barge exploded Captain Zero got rid of him. He can be seen towing barges in the background of the episode 'Up River' with this exception he was never featured in the series again.

Boomer speaks with an Irish accent. According to sources, Boomer is voiced by British actor Lee Cornes, who starred in Grange Hill for many years who also provided the voices of Grampus, Billy Shoepack and The Coast Guard.

In Salty's Lighthouse he appeared in two episodes, in which he experienced two very different adventures; in one episode he lost his 'bad luck' by successfully towing the schooner, and in the other one, he failed as in the original TUGS, and then became a 'vacation boat' in a story Ten Cents told to Zug. During these episodes he was voiced by two different voice actors, first Scott McNeil, then Brad Swaile.

Boomer's history reflects the naval superstition that changing the name of a ship invokes bad-luck. His name in naval and military slang is the nickname for submarines armed with ballistic missiles/nuclear ICBMs - though it is highly improbable that Boomer has any connection to nuclear weapons (having predated their invention by two decades) it can safely be said that he had a similarly intense impact on the tugs of Bigg City Port.

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