List of Minor 2000 AD Stories - Stories - M - Maniac 5

Maniac 5 was, along with Red Razors, one of Mark Millar's major solo series at 2000 AD, the others being co-written with Grant Morrison. It formed part of the "Summar Offensive" in 1993, along with Judge Dredd: "Inferno," Slaughterbowl, Really & Truly and Big Dave. The initial, eponymous story was drawn by Red Razors artist Steve Yeowell, who would also draw the final story "Maniac 6," and other artists would work on the one-offs: David Hine on "War Journal," in 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1993, and Richard Elson on "Maniac 6 Prologue", in 2000 AD Winter Special 1993.

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