List of Members of The European Parliament 2004–2009

List Of Members Of The European Parliament 2004–2009

This is a List of Members of the European Parliament serving in the sixth term (2004–2009). It is sorted by an English perception of surname treating all variations of de/di/do, van/von, Ó, and so forth as part of the collation key, even if this is not the normal practice in a member's own country.

This list was initially published by the Parliament at the convening on July 20, 2004, amended on July 21 when the Lega Nord affiliated to the Independence and Democracy group, and then further updated with replacements. Members from Bulgaria and Romania, appointed by their parliaments, became full members on January 1, 2007; some of these participated in the formation of the new Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty group in the following sitting of the Parliament, but this broke up later the same year.

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List Of Members Of The European Parliament 2004–2009 - Outgoing Members During The Session
... Villiers United Kingdom Con EPP-ED Elected UK Member of Parliament Replaced by Syed Kamall May 11, 2005 Chris Huhne United Kingdom Lib Dem ALDE. 5, 2006 Cecilia Malmström Sweden Fp ALDE Swedish Minister of European Affairs. 2007 Nedzhmi Ali Bulgaria DPS ALDE Replaced by new members elected in 2007 direct elections (GERB) Nikolay Evtimov Mladenov Petya Stavreva Stavreva Vladimir Andreev Uruchev Dushana Panayotova ...

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