List of Mayors of Thessaloniki

The Mayor of Thessaloniki is the head of the municipality of Thessaloniki, the most populated municipality in the Thessaloniki Urban Area and city center of the said urban area, which makes up the "City of Thessaloniki".

The current mayor of the city is Yiannis Boutaris, elected into office at the Municipal Elections of November 2010.

  • Osman Sait Bey (1912-1916)
  • Konstantinos Aggelakis (1916-1920)
  • Osman Sait Bey (1920-1922)
  • Petros Syndikas (1922-1926)
  • Nikolaos Manos (1929-1930, 1934-1936)
  • Charisios Vamvakas (1931-1933)
  • Konstantinos Merkouriou (1937-1943)
  • George Seremetis (1943-1944)
  • Petros Levis (1945-1946)
  • Christos Konstantinou (1946-1950)
  • Pantelis Petrakakis (1951-1955)
  • Minas Patrikios (1956-1959)
  • Ioannis Papailiakis (1959-1964)
  • Konstantinos Tsiros (1964-1967)
  • Alexandros Konstantinidis (1968-1970)
  • Christos Floridis (1970-1974)
  • Michalis Papadopoulos (1975-1980)
  • Thanasis Giannousis (1980-1983)
  • Theoharis Manavis (1983-1986)
  • Sotiris Kouvelas (1987-1989)
  • Konstantinos Kosmopoulos (1989-1999)
  • Vasilios Papageorgopoulos (1999-2010)
  • Yiannis Boutaris (2010- )

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