List of Marvel Comics Characters: G - Groundhog

Groundhog (Sean Bernard) is a fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. He was creaded by Scott Lobdell, and his first appearance was in Alpha Flight Special #1.

Sean Bernard was once a Vancouver police officer. He was ambushed by some of his fellow officers once he reported them to internal affairs for drug trafficking. Saved by Wolverine, Sean was soon taken into the custody of Department H and trained as one of their agents. This is where he met James Hudson, the original Guardian.

James gave Sean a battlesuit, the Groundhog suit (that was originally intended for the purpose of terraforming) and Sean was inducted into The Flight (the precursor to Alpha Flight). He meets Stitch, who takes an instant liking to him. After their first mission against Egghead in which his teammate Saint Elmo dies, Sean gives up heroics and leaves the Flight upset at the fact that most of its team members were lunatics and untrained fighters. He returned to the Vancouver Police where no murder charges were brought up. From there, he watched as the Alpha Flight team was introduced.

Groundhog possesses no powers beyond being in fit physically condition. The Weapon Alpha prototype armor he wore possessed several abilities including flight, enhanced strength, and the ability to fire electro-magnetic blasts from the glove units.

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