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Cybele is a fictional character, appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. SHe first appeared in Eternals #1 (October 1985), and was created by Peter B. Gillis and Sal Buscema.

A second generation Eternal, very little has been revealed about Cybele's past, save that she is the wife of Zuras and mother of Azura (who later took the name Thena). She evinced no interest in participating in the great events of Eternals history, such as their encounters with the Celestials. She lived with Zuras for a time and raised Thena, and retains maternal interest in Thena's welfare. Apparently she never felt comfortable in the society of her fellow Eternals, so she left their city of Olympia after Thena reached adulthood. Although technically the queen of the Eternals, she was never truly been interested governing them; after Zuras's death, she was content to let Thena become the new ruler of Earth's Eternals.

Cybele has always had a great interest in nature, and has been mistaken for Gaea. Today, she lives by herself in a forest in Colorado, using her psionic powers to remain unseen.

Cybele received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #3.

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