List of Los Angeles Times Publishers

List Of Los Angeles Times Publishers

The publisher of the Los Angeles Times today is Eddy Hartenstein, who was appointed to the position in 2008. The publisher is typically a newspaper's top executive, similar in function to the job of corporate chief executive officer. Sometimes, though, a newspaper's publisher is a corporation or a company, and that was the case for decades with the Times, which listed its "publisher" as the Times-Mirror Company. The person responsible for operating the newspaper was officially called the president and general manager, but he was casually referred to as the publisher.

The official list of past publishers offered by the Times in both print and electronic versions begins with Harrison Gray Otis in 1882, but Otis never held that title officially. Indeed, he was not even the first executive to guide the newspaper.

The list below includes all the people who could be considered the chief executive officer of the newspaper.

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