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DVD Releases

# Title Original air date
103 "Yay! Big Search for the Second Kirari!!"
"Iei! Dai Ni no Kirari Wo Sagase!!" (イェーイ! 第2のきらりをさがせ!!)
Kirari discovers that the Office Of Muranishi will be searching for a second Kirari so that Kirari can team up with them to form another sub unit! However, after going through the audition, no one seems suitable to be an idol. What will they do?
104 "Noel-sama! Kirari's Big Scouting Plan!?"
"Noerusama! Kirari no Sukauto Daisakusen!?" (のえるさまぁ〜ん! きらりのスカウト 大 作戦!?)
Noel is a popular and cool teenager at an all girl private school. She love sports more than anything because she want to achieve her dreams. But how will Kirari make her like the idoling world?
105 "Hatte Hatte?? Strange Girl Ko Be Ni"
"Hatte Hatte?? Fushigi Shōjo Ko Be Ni" (ハテハテ?? 不思議 少女 こ☆べ☆に)
Kirari encounters Kobenie-chan searching for treasure again and kirari tells her she'll also search for the treasure. Kobeni-chan spends the whole day with kirari as kirari shows her how an idol works. The director tells her she has the aura to become an idol but kobeni-chan is to shy and scared to become an idol. How will kirari make her willing to lose her shyness and become an idol?
106 "Tambourines! Three Stars Shine"
"Tanbarin! Kagayaku Mittsu no Hoshi" (タンバリン! 輝く3つの 星)
It Seems Noel and Kobeni are having trouble getting along. will they be able to fix this problem or will they never be able to put aside their differences? The three stars form a new unit called Milky Way.
107 "Milky Way Bridal Show" (Milky Way ブライダルショー) 2008-05-02
Milky Way makes their first debut. They end up hosting a bridal show. With Noel and Kobeni still not quite being able to get along, how will it turn out?
108 "Kun & Tabidachi of youth and I love her I said"
"nii kun & mii chan ai to seishun no tabidachi" (にーくん&みーちゃん 愛と青春の旅立ち)
Nii-kun and Mii-chan have come again and ask to be naa-san's apprentice
109 "AITOO-cheek! Battle of the HAPPISUTA"
"faitoo ! happiisutaa daisakusen" (ふぁいとぉー!ハッピースター大作戦)
Milkyway needs to make a commercial of twinkle star drinks
110 "Suddenly! The only small Kirari! !"
"ikinari ! narikiri chibi kirari !!" (いきなり!なりきりチビきらり!!)
A little girl claims that she is also kirari chan.
111 "Melancholy of Kobeni-chan"
"o nayami desu kobenichanno yuuutsu" (お悩みですこべにちゃんのユウウツ)
Kobeni-chan is depressed and not her usual self. What is bothering her and will she be able to feel better again?
112 "Friends SHIPS Hiroto and Seiji"
"furendo SHIPS Hiroto to Seiji" (フレンドSHIPS 宙人(ひろと)と星司(せいじ))
SHIPS is having trouble thinking of a new song to sing.
113 "MITTSU! Help up Noelle's fashion sense!"
"(hosi) mittsu ! noeruno sensuappu daisakusen !!" (☆みっつ! のえるのセンスアップ大作戦!!)
Noelle is being criticized for not having any fashion sense as an idol! As the day to appear on a show which rate idols' sense of style, will Noel be able to live up to the challenge?
114 "Bravo! First Concert!"
"burabou ! faasutokonsaato !!" (ブラボー! ファーストコンサート!!)
115 "Reaching Everyone! Wish Upon a Star"
"Minna ni Todoke! Hoshi ni Negai wo" (みんなにとどけっ!星に願いを)
116 "Exciting! MilkyWay's Day Off!"
"ukiuki ! MilkyWay no kyuujitsu" (ウキウキ! MilkyWayの休日)
Volume Number Publish Date
STAGE1 2006-09-08
Contains episodes 01-04
STAGE2 2006-10-06
Contains episodes 05-08
STAGE3 2006-11-10
Contains episodes 09-12
STAGE4 2006-12-08
Contains episodes 13-16
STAGE5 2007-01-12
Contains episodes 17-20
STAGE6 2007-02-09
Contains episodes 21-24
STAGE7 2007-03-09
Contains episodes 25-28
STAGE8 2007-04-04
Contains episodes 29-32
STAGE9 2007-05-10
Contains episodes 33-36
STAGE10 2007-06-08
Contains episodes 37-40
STAGE11 2007-07-06
Contains episodes 41-44
STAGE12 2007-08-10
Contains episodes 45-48
STAGE13 2007-09-07
Contains episodes 49-51
2nd Tour STAGE1 2007-10-03
Contains episodes 52-55

Volume number is termed stage.

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