List of Jews Born in The Former Russian Empire

List Of Jews Born In The Former Russian Empire

The following is a list of Jews born in the territory of the former Russian Empire. It is geographically defined, so it also includes people born after the dissolution of the Russian Empire in 1922 and its successor the Soviet Union in 1991.

A few years before The Holocaust, the Jewish population of the Soviet Union (excluding Western Ukraine and the Baltic states who were not part of the Soviet Union then) stood at over 5 million, most of whom were Ashkenazic as opposed to Sephardic, with some Karaite minorities. It is estimated that over half died directly as a result of the Shoah. Many more emigrated to Israel, USA, Argentina, and Germany, though Russia and Ukraine still have among the larger Jewish populations in the world today (440,000 in Russia, 300,000 in Ukraine).

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